1. G

    New Member with new Photoshop problem with Clone/Healing Brush to resolve

    Hi Everyone! I just joined today and have an issue which I hope one of you Gurus can solve. I am running CS4 and recently upgraded to OS (10.9.4) Mavericks. My issue is that I was recently editing photos and the tool bar suddenly looked differently so I started opening menus to try figure...
  2. A

    1st Time Used

    I have made that two posters recently. New to Photoshop. Feedback and how can I improve? Want suggestions.
  3. S

    A piece I did recently

  4. Z

    has anyone got a PM like this recently?

    for a start i wont even think of doing their "request" because i'm a 15 year old prude who wont touch anything adult, and it just has a sense of doginess about it. with the fact i havn't done any "before and after" images like described :/ does anyone else get these?
  5. Wetstuff

    One of the more interesting splashes I have seen recently...

    The background is fascinating... [Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - 11111011011 V3] Jim