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He folks, I am in the process of making a presentation for my school, basically i am advertising our sponsors logos, and as its Christmas i want to add falling snow to the page, to snow over the logos but not to block or cover them.

Is this possible?

I am very amateur when it comes to flash, so it may be too complicated. but would appreciate any help/advice.



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Cool, thanks, that actually seems a hell of a lot easier than what i was expecting it to be, although i had yet to complete it!

on a slighty different route, the logos are all on white backgrounds, if i put a background photo, say a snow scene, then try to add the logos, all i get it is a white box, with the logo in, then adding the snow over the top loses its effect. for the life of me, i cant remember how to remove the background without losing the foreground as well. any ideas?


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What you re doing is good you now need to slow the animation down in each frame and maybe motion blur the second snow layerr, i noticed that you have the snow falling weirdly, just pull a corner of each new snow layer downward and slightly side ways to make each frame slightly different then when run as animation frames it will look more realistic, getting there though mate.
Nice background.


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Thanks for your help, i have slowed it down slighty, but i just cannot seem to get it to fall right, i have fiddled with the layers, and sizing but cant seem to get it any better than this. View attachment 1211542671.psd any chance you could tweak it for me? or if you have any more advice?



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Stupid question, but what format do I save it in to use as an animation. I need it to play in a PowerPoint presentation.


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