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Square/Skew shortcut?


New Member
Hello all and thank you for helping me with my question.
(2022 photoshop on mac)

I photograph greetings cards for ecom and edit them on photoshop. One of the main things I do is make the front on shot of the card square, ill show an example of how i do it and then ill ask my question.

Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 10.37.35.png
Part 1, (the blue rectangle is an example of a card) Image this as the front on view of a card, I cut out the card using the pen tool to delete the background then i command T to bring up the squared box around the card

Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 10.35.10.png
Part 2. I then use the rulers to mark out where i want to skew the card

Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 10.36.59.png
Part 3. I then use the skew tool to morph the card into being square, Job done.

So heres my question, when i Command T it brings up a perfectly squared box around the card, is there a way to simply fill the card into the outline box without having to use my longer process?

Thanks in advance :)


HI @TomLister132
I don't know a way to do that transformation automatically.
However, with a bit more detail of your starting and end result may allow other solutions.

For example, is the image you are trying to square up distorted so it would look funny without fixing the distortion?
Also, is there important content to the edge of the non-square image you start with an important part of the image?

If it is the distortion is not an issue, and the edge parts of the image non-critical, a masked window could be placed on a Layer, and the image below it enlarged so there are no white edges

If all of the image edges are critical and distortion is not an issue. The white areas could be selected, and one might be able to use the Edit > Content Aware Fill function

It is not obvious what the options are, and there may be more if we had more details about your project to know the flexibilities there might be.

Details could be provided if either of these seems of interest.

Just some quick thoughts
John Wheeler