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Stay Safe.

Hi Alan
What a nice surprise to hear from you in these really sad days.

In retrospect we all had such a good time back in the forum. It changed a lot, getting worse still.

But me (72) and my wife (68) are both doing well so far. We were lucky.
Up till a few weeks ago we were doing long walks in the morning every other day. But that was live before the virus.

As you might know I’m living in Zurich(Switzerland) in our own condo, just a few minutes down to the river or up the hill to the forest.

There isn’t a complete lockdown in Switzerland yet, though we are advised to stay at home. We can still go out to buy food or medicine.
All other shops, restaurants, bars and recreation parks are closed.
Still very hard and demoralizing to stay inside, because we are more the outdoor types, keeping us fit with exercise.

The whole situation Switzerland is very scary, because we live so close to Italy. Every day more dead an infected peoples. As per yesterday we have 210 dead an 12000 infected people.
It seems so unreal because we don’t have a visible enemy we could fight.

I hope we can all live through this difficult period. But life as it was will never be the same.

I wish you and all your loved ones good health. Don’t take any risks and be careful.

Kind regards


Thanks Chris, and i hope you and your family remain safe and well, In England i just cannot believe how naive some people are, disrespectful of the Virus and others around them, They just don't understand what is heading their way in this country, I think wherever you are in the world right now, I hope and pray to God you all remain safe. No matter what your beliefs or religion, take care of those you love and keep your family safe, and best wishes to all around the world. Once again Chris, take care and look after yourself and your family.