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Hi and welcome to the forum

The image looks good, but I doubt anyone would be able to follow the tutorial, it's way to fast paced, you don't explain what you're doing and the music is really annoying
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thanks for yourfeedback , this was my first tutorial ,


It's not really a tutorial per se, it's more of a speed video of how you created the image.
Take a look here and see how the tutorials are well presented with instructions of how every step was taken either verbally or with notation
Our best instructional video tutorials in one place!

Also if you want to post tutorials take a look here at the forum guidelines
[Photoshop Tutorial Videos] Section Rules - READ THIS FIRST

Oh and leave out the music :rofl:

P.S. you done a really good job with the Photoshop manipulation :thumbsup:
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This looks really nice. However, I'm curious, why did you select this specific guy for this photo? Is he supposed to be a ghost of some sort? When I look at the overall art, I think celestial, not someone in a gas mask.