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Stress at work

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Scooby Magic

I wonder how do you handle stress and anxiety brought upon by this pandemic, and at the same time maintain your coolness at work? I, myself don't feel good, I feel frustrated and irritated. Got so much problem going on.

I'm getting anxious thinking about what will the next problem be. Did you also feel the same way? :rip:😷
Look at the positive side. We have a vaccine on the horizon. We got an opportunity to retrospect on our lifestyles.

Hopefully we all are at least mentally inoculated against carelessness and hopefully we all gained lessons on improving personal hygiene.

You will get over it, just like everyone else. We are all in this together.
Hi @Scooby Magic

First reaching out as you did is a good approach and talking about it.
Here is a link to Stanford Health which has a short video that gives some good pointers: https://stanfordhealthcare.org/discover/covid-19-resource-center/covid-19-basics.html#

There is a video in that link that specifically addresses dealing with stress.
What works for you may be different on what works or others.
I focused on on doing things I could control and recognize that are things that I cannot control.
Doing the recommended steps to help prevent contracting and passing on the COVID virus for me, family, and others.
Staying in touch with family and friends much of which. Doing so on phone or video (e.g. Facetime) to catch up and also share how I am feeling (they have similar stresses usually). It helps me and it helps them to talk.
Eating and drinking healthy
Getting quality rest (harder when stressed)
Try and get some exercise even just a walk every day or two.
Do things that you enjoy that makes you feel good (btw one of mine is helping people on Photoshop Gurus)
Stay informed about the pandemic and requests from reliable resources yet I am also careful to limit how much news I get whether about pandemic or politics. Note that the most media do a bit to sensationalize that is not helpful.
I think stress should be expected yet if distress is experienced and advice such as above is inadequate then for sure talking with a therapist or counselor would be important. Most such visits can be done virtually and its common for it to be several visits yet there is not set limit depending on the individuals need. They are experts to help determine ones specific situation, concerns/stresses, and help map out a path to better cope and end up in a better place.

Thanks for bringing up this topic
John Wheeler
Thank you both for your advice. I'm trying to look for the article from the link you gave John, but I can't find it, I'll see it later when I get more time. And I think I can work on all your advice John. Again thank you, I wish you both a Merry Christmas...
Do things that you enjoy that makes you feel good (btw one of mine is helping people on Photoshop Gurus)
I am so glad about this, John. Many a time your posts have added to my knowledge or provided inspiration or improved my way of thought. I thank you.
@Scooby Magic
Just pinging to see how you are doing, Scooby?

Hi, sorry I got busy and really tired at work and went straight to bed for 5 days. My Mom asked me to do facetime with them this Christmas day, I hope my boss will let me take off early so I can catch up with them. I've stumbled upon looking for some ways to cope with this anxiety and I hope that anyone who reads this will find some good advice too as I have. Merry Christmas. https://adaa.org/learn-from-us/from...top-ten-covid-19-anxiety-reduction-strategies

@thebestcpu hi man, thank you for following that up. I've watched the video you shared. This gave me comfy thoughts that I'm not alone or this is a kind of situation that many people have been struggling or have struggled with and still come out victorious. That what matters is it's how you see things in a way that will still let you look at the brighter side of everything. :thumbsup:
Hi, @Scooby Magic . Life outside of work/ stressors.

Everyone's method of handling work and stress will be different as it comes down to what they can do in their situation in life and work. No matter what method that is, you need to take your mind off the stressors for a little while each day and if possible throughout the day. Try to have a "spin up" and "spin down" times before and after work. Those times should have nothing to do with work/ stressors and absolutely has to be something you enjoy doing and has no stress.
Thanks @syrupfizzy, a friend suggested that I should listen to delta wave records on youtube every time I'm spending my break at work and I found it really helpful, it's just like soothing my mind, sometimes I even fall asleep! So make sure if you try this too at work that you're aware that you put on an alarm because some music really puts me to sleep. :joy:
Glad you found some things that keep your mind calm at work. ADAA does pack some advice from their articles. The link you shared had it all. Thanks for sharing!
Sometimes it is very very difficult, to focus on the good things but when I do find myself getting bogged down I go outside for a walk or drive. I put some music on and try to get lost even if just for a short time. I am also a big list maker for both work and home, some list items are all business and some are fun for me, like changing the oil or getting some stuff ready for the season. You’re not alone so I hope that at least gives you some solace.
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