This effect is it possible?

I am new here. I would like please to make a question.
How is this effect is done.? Notice the mountainous surface but also the depth in some areas.? Something with filters in photoshop or is it smth else also. Please give me a light.
Thanx and nice forum. :)

i made the following image using the "Plastic Wrap" filter.
i just duplicated the original added the filter to that duplicate change the blend mode to multiply.
brighten the original and duplicate to how you want them then merge layers and "desaturate" it.

Thanx for the quick reply :)

So the plastic wrap filter doesnt have so clear output.. (i tried a lot) Something with displacement map and textures. Is it possible this person has used a rock surface map or smth like that.? or just channels.? and when you say channels can you give me one example.? The mountainous effect i can archieve but this shadow lines that giving the depth i dont know how to do. :(
I it is an image from behind.? not channels and displacment maps like Tioga said. Is is very crisp the effect. For sure it is not plastic wrap.


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Have you got the full image for better clarification, no real need to crop to one portion as it will be evaluated regardless, thanks.


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Looks like a photographic back drop (old sheet painted black - or paper) hung up in front of camera with lamp light maybe.
The font looks shopped on afterwards as do the blood drops, just my opinion could be way off.
#10 you think this cannot be done with photoshop. Because as you said it is a photograph from behind. And maybe a paper but very well filtered. Any other suggestions.?
Here is my take, everyone above has great ideas on how to reproduce this in Photoshop. Here's what I see. The backdrop is a photo, not a created-in-PS image. Tioga is right. It does use displacement map filter as well as some other created effects IMO.

The displacement map is made from the backdrop which may have been treated with layer adjustments to increase the contrast and add darkness and highlights.

When you for example make a levels adjustment, you will get a layer mask on the adj (assuming you make it a layer adj). Now you can take a medium soft brush at low opacity, color black, and paint on this mask. This will remove the adj by bits at a time. So let's say you use levels to darken the image. As you paint you put the lightness back and add to the contrast of the highlights such as you see on the folds.

Once you have the backdrop as you want it, right click on layer, select duplicate. On the window popup, select new from the dropdown. Title it, flatten it, save as a MAP so you can identify it.

Make your blood drops where you want them Now go to filter>distort>displace and use the default settings to begin with. Just follow PS's guide and open your MAP psd.

The text is just placed where you want it. No displace filter. I think there is a layer mask added and a very soft, low opacity, black brush used to reveal parts of the image below.

That's my take.
Thanx very much for the direction that you gave me. I really approciate this. So for the back image I scanned an empty A4 paper with a little distortion in some areas to achieve these folds. Just for you to know for further experiments :)
And now i am making these kind of adjustments with light as Tioga and ibclare. So lets see.
Thanx again for your time..It is really helpful this forum!