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Trying to zoom a picture


Hello -
I don't want you to think we're ignoring you. I'm sure the active members here tried all the tricks the same way I tried all the tricks I know.
The problem is that there isn't enough information in the image to bring back that detail.
Even an algorithm wouldn't be able to replace those missing parts of the image.
But it gave me an excuse to download Sharpen AI to see if that could work.
Here's both your original and the sharpened version side by side and enlarged:

for sale sign cropped.jpg for sale sign-SharpenAI.jpg

I then took the AI sharpened version on the right, pulled it into Photoshop, sharpened further, converted to b&w, and pushed the contrast:

for sale sign-AI plus sharpening BW.jpg

That is about the best I can pull out.

If you have another image, maybe we can try again to see what we can see.

- Jeff