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Types and Size of Attachments You Can Upload in the Forum


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The following file types can be uploaded as attachments to Photoshop gurus forum posts:

.abr (Photoshop Brushes)
.ai (Adobe Illustrator)
.asl (Photoshop Layer Styles)
.atn (Photoshop Actions)
.eps (Universal Vector Image Format)
.grd (Photoshop Gradients)
.pat (Photoshop Patterns)
.rar (Compressed Archive)
.zip (Compressed Archive)

When you upload an attachment, other members who are logged in with a valid account will be able to download the files with the link that appears in your post.

We may add additional file types to this list in the future to support directly uploading brushes, styles, and additional graphics formats. For now you can simply zip them before uploading.
Upload images directly to your thread. You may use an offsite image host if images are too large to be uploaded.

You can upload an image up to 5000px x 3500px. Maximum file size of 32000kb (32mb) or less.
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