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Understanding graphic design


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I'm creating this topic to discuss the purpose and the understanding of graphic design.

Graphic design is visible in every corner and part of the world. When you see a sign driving in the middle of the road, that sign involves graphic design.
Graphic design is a way to communicate visually with other people without having to complicate things too much; so to say, without graphic designing the world would pretty much be a mess.

Can you imagine the world without graphic design? And do you understand the true purpose of graphic design and your role as a graphic designer?

Some people think that graphic designing is all about taking a course and then you know everything, but the thing is (coming from a self-educated, auto-recreated designer - I learned everything by myself)
you have to know your role and provide people with a proper job. I'm not saying I'm a great graphic designer or the best out here, none of that. No bragging, every each one of us has a certain variety of skills to put to use and we learn which skills we know the best by praticing and trying to provide clients with the services needed.

But you have to know your role. Sometimes I don't accept jobs because I don't think it is my area of skill and sometimes when I go on an aventure to provide clients with a certain design of a skill I haven't learned much about, I fail.

My skills are:
Logo design
Banner design
Label design
Product design
Fashion design

And I also know basic photo-editing techniques and manipulations.

Anyhow, how do you feel about your area of skills and your purpose as a graphic designer?