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Using layers ( PS 7 )

Hi there,
this is my first post here ( I read about this forum at sitepoint ).

I created an image that contain the design of an old stamp.
I call this image as the base cliche'.
I will have about 400 stamps where each stamp is different from each other because every stamp has one or more flaws ( defects ) in the design that let me to distinguish it.

I was thinking to use for each stamp two layers.
The first layer contains the base cliche.
The second layer contains the flaw drawed by me by hand.
So I will have about 400 images containing two layers.
The first layer is common to all images.

My problem is that if I will have to make a little modification to the base cliche' I will have to import it to all 400 images.

I'm asking if it's possible to avoid that.

Another solution could be to use the first layer as the base cliche,
while the second layer contains flaws of stamp 1,
the third layer contains flaws of stamp 2,
The main problem with this approach it that I will have to save manually an image with
stamp1 layer1 - layer 2
stamp2 layer1 - layer 3
stamp400 layer1 - layer 401

Helps/advices/suggestions are welcomed! ;)

I hope I was clear,
thanks in advance.
welcome aboard Pippo
make an action where you create the changes then save this
then create and auto batch to do the same to the other 400 images

once you have created first the action then the batch it will take PS about 2 minutes to do all of them :perfect:
Welcome pippo! I'm not quite clear on your objective... Did Sue answer same? IF NOT, try again...

In the meantime, you'll find that we're all friendly and helpful here... so enjoy your stay! :)
first of all thank you for the warm welcome.
Yes, sfm suggestion worked right for me :) thanks a lot!!!!!!!

Well I'm explaining why I need 400 images of the same stamps.
The stamp I'm trying to study was printed in 1850.
A sheet containes 240 stamps and so it containes 240 cliches of the "same stamp".
Each cliche' was created from a base cliche'.
The duplication process was not perfect so each cliche' has a flaw that distinguish it.
My aim is to catalogate the various flaws of the cliches which are extimated to be in total of 400 by experts.
The picture I attach will show you some flaws that can be found on a cliche',
an image is better than other words... ;)

The catalogation I will do is to draw manually each flaw as the one you see in my image.
I will draw them on a separate layer, the main layer is common to all stamps and is the stamp itself.

Thanks again!
I will be back with other questions, that's for sure!!!