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Using/Writing in PDF on iPad?


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This is a shot in the dark question. I don't even know if I am in the right section so I sincerely apologise if I am somewhere lost right now. Haha

I have an Etsy store selling Printable designs. Either they buy it and I print it for them, or they can download specific files to print on their own. One of those designs is a planner and somebody wrote to me today asking if they can use it on their iPad?!

Now I have seen on Etsy something in that region (again, total shot in the dark!). What some stores do is create a editable PDF file, for example for wedding suites, where the buyer can simply change the names and other text information to your preference without having to ask the seller/designer to edit the information for them. However, is there something like that for an iPad? Because I really do not know...

#help! Haha


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Hey! Thanks!

This is my product: https://www.etsy.com/listing/583651864/daily-weekly-monthly-planner-bundle-pack

It is just an empty planner design where people can print it out and write in it as they please. Somebody asked if they can use it on their iPad and I just drew a blank on an answer. That link you provided does seem like what I am looking forward. But I rather follow your advice as I am no expect. Haha