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Variable width barcode

Good afternoon,

I was wondering if anyone here would know how to go about generating an image like this on PS? I'd like to consider myself a fairly competent user but this is a bit beyond me!

Would appreciate any help.

loomsanfran_barcodeimage-copy.jpg 134937-1487197309-DSC_5812-xl.jpg
This might get you started.

1) Put in a vertical alternating bar pattern (same amount of white as black)
2) Multiply this Layer with your original image
3) Select these two Layers and Make them a Smart Object
4) Apply Gaussian Blur to this Smart Obect to soften it up yet still see the applied patter
5) Place Place Curves of Levels adjustment Layer above all of this (adjustments come later)
6) Place a Threshold Adjustment Layer all above all these Layers

Play with the adjustment Layer settings
Play with the settings on the Curves or Levels adjustment Layer
Play with the amount of blur applied to the Smart Object

You can get a similar effect with the above approach similar to what I did with your thumbnail image of your self :)

Hope this helps
John Wheeler