want to capture image with only red channels showing


In my RGB image, I have duplicated the Red channel and turned others off, leaving only 2 red channels visible. I am trying to capture the image in this state but have been unsuccessful. I have tried duplicating the red channel twice into a new document, but the effect ends up being washed out. How could I achieve this effect?


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I'm working on this one, so far I've got nothing. I did find this TUTORIAL on printing split/separate channels, but I don't think that's what your looking for.

You may be stuck with reproducing the two red channels overall effect using colorization techniques.
If that's the look you are trying to obtain, one can get close by just adding three simple layers: duplicate the base image into a new layer; desaturate it, set the blending mode to soft light, and place it between two red color adjustment layers as can be seen in the attached screen grab. It's close, but not perfect. With a little tweaking, you could get it even closer. Let me know if this is what you are looking for and I'll write up more details.


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hey guys, sorry had a busy week. this is what I'm trying to reproduce. notice how I have only the red channel and a red channel duplicate visible. exam.jpg

I can sort of come close to this effect if I duplicate the red Channel like 10 times in a new document, but not quite. the contrast ends up being way too high. I've tried painting black over the other channels but it doesn't give this effect - ends up giving some weird neon colors. I'm really not sure how I would duplicate this via colorization techniques.
Something odd is going on because if you look at my first post in this thread, you'll notice that I also have the red and "red copy" channels on, and I get a very different look -- specifically, much more saturation in the brighter areas of the image.

Can you pls. your psd file for that image? I want to view it "normally", as well as see if you have anything else going on in your psd file that helps produce that look.


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I did this with just one new red channel copy, you can then adjust that copy layer via curves to adjust saturation of red colour, if this is what you are trying to achieve/ask?

I'll post the PSD tomorrow when at my work station

Paul, yes that's what I was trying to achieve - the question is how do I export/save it with just the red channels showing? If you save that file, the other channels show as well, not just what you have visible.


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Yeah just tried i see what you mean, i don't have a specific answer some one may.
You could just print screen the image then save that captured frame i suppose?

You could try

Select the channel you wish to use/select>all/edit>copy/file>new/edit>paste/layer>merge down.
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Ok i have been playing around, in the channels section drag the blues and green channels to waste bin and delete, alter colour of red channel via curves to your desired effect, then save as, it will be a PSD file format.