Wedding Filters and techniques

hello to everybody i started to shoot wed photos and i am interesting for everything will help me to improve photos. Filters or techniques that most use on wedding photos.
Thank you.
Adobe photoshop lightroom is the program you really want with plenty of lightroom presets designed for wedding photographers.

here are some to get you started but far better 1s out there.

then if you dont want lightroom yet and want to focus more on photoshop editing then look into wedding picture actions

Also plugins such as Topaz adjust and nik color effex pro are very good plugins for quick image enhancements
Hi friends i just want to tell you the orrect Equipment for wedding photographer the first and major need for become a photograpehr is a good camera with good lens and with all the latest features and i recommend you for purchase canon xs or a nikon d40 & external flash if you choose nikon sb600 and you also need many extra batteries & memory cards for the making movies and pictures and a camera bag and heavy powered led light for night mode and etc many more equpiments for Wedding photgrapher or a professional photographer....
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