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What mouse do you prefer?


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Before I got my own laptop, I used my family's MacBook that we've had for eight years. (I am a minor under my parents' care.) It's a terrible computer, but the trackpad was actually pretty good. I switched to a physical mouse the first chance I got, but that trackpad was surprisingly usable - I beat both Portal games with only the trackpad.
The only mouse that we had lying around the house was this Xoopar mouse (but this one had an AT&T logo engraved into it, not the Xoopar logo). I loved this mouse. It was a normal-sized slim mouse, but the scroll wheel was on the side and could be controlled with my ring finger, so it worked decently well even with my enormous hands. It had a white LED inside that glowed nicely when the mouse was in use, illuminating the sides and the AT&T logo on top. Here's a picture of the mouse:
(Do you see the little scroll wheel on the side? That was amazing.)
No one else really used the physical mouse on the MacBook, so when I got my own HP laptop, I took the mouse with me. It served me well, and it felt very nice in my hand.
Unfortunately, this mouse recently broke. One of the internal pieces somehow got out, and it will no longer left-click. It will be missed. :(
Now I was left with my HP laptop's trackpad. My laptop is overall a great product, but the trackpad is awful. It is way too sensitive to my touch, there is lots of accidental movement, and it's very jittery. I can't stand it. It's nothing like the MacBook trackpad, and I cannot survive on this. I decided that I would buy another mouse IMMEDIATELY.
My parents wouldn't be paid for another couple of days, so we couldn't order online. Instead I used the physical cash in my wallet and got one at Shopko. If you've ever been to a Shopko Hometown, you probably know that the options are rather... limited. There were so few mouse options there that at first I didn't even see them at all. I was about to walk out empty-handed, but then at the last minute I saw that there were a couple mice available there. I was going to get a USB wired mouse, because I don't like dealing with an expensive wireless mouse that runs on battery power and doesn't always work properly. The only wired mouse they had was about the size of a golf ball. I have really big hands, and that would never work for me.
The only other mouse they had was a wireless Verbatim mouse with a nano receiver. I almost got the tiny wired one, just because I don't want to deal with batteries, delay, signal interruption, etc that a wireless mouse has. But the wired mouse was far too small, so I got the wireless one.
mouse aerial view.jpg
The signal delay and interruption are barely noticeable, and it performs no differently than a wired mouse would. It's quite a nice mouse, actually. But even this one is too small for my hands. I cannot use it comfortably, my hand drags on the desk, and it sometimes makes my hand ache after using it.
hand size comparison.jpghand on mouse.jpg
I can now look online for a new mouse because payday has come and gone. I was wondering... are there any mice that any of you would recommend, or prefer, or advise against buying? Should I consider a different mouse based on what I do with it (photo and video editing, some casual gaming)? Any overall comments on choosing or getting the most from a mouse? I think the one I've settled on is this wired one, which says it's 12.2 cm (4.8 inches) in length. Do you have any personal experiences with any particular computer mouse that you would like to share?
I was wondering... are there any mice that any of you would recommend, or prefer, or advise against buying?
I'm certainly not the person to ask about a gaming mouse but I do have opinions on graphic related hardware. For me, when it's related to Ps, I only use the mouse to navigate Ps and oddly enough, I prefer it exclusively for the Pen Tool. Otherwise I use a Wacom Tablet for everything. So for me the standard magic mouse (mac) is more than adequate for what I use it for.

I had tried to use a mouse for years with Ps thinking that I did not need a graphics tablet. I tried a friends tablet and I instantly realized how ridiculously incompetent a mouse really was when it came to Ps or any graphic software for that matter. I kick myself for going so long without one.

I also understand that good tablets are pricey. If it's not an option for you at the moment, then my advice would be to invest in the best mouse you can for the moment and start saving for a good tablet.
Thank you IamSam. I did not realize that graphics tablets were used for anything other than vector design and digital art and I'd love to try one for PS (and maybe as a main mouse for general usage). I'm beginning to wonder what advantages my laptop's touch-screen might have if I used it. I will look into getting a touch-screen stylus, and eventually an actual tablet.

For anyone wondering about that mouse, it has arrived, and I do recommend it. There's a little accidental clicking here and there, but I like it because of the intuitive five-button setup and the ability to cycle through several DPI options. It's still a bit small for my liking, but it is usable even with my big hands. (But if anyone happens to have a Razer Ouroboros they aren't using, feel free to hit me up ;) )
sorry , just couldn't resist that one, my hands are slap, back in the straight jacket, lock up in the tower again, just can not control myself sometimes.
No problem. This forum has lost it's sense of humor. It's nice to see that some still have one!
I forgot about this thread. I'm coming back to it now that I've tried a few different options.
For general use I've actually switched to this Logitech trackball. I like it a lot, and it fits my hand perfectly. Every time I have to switch back to a regular mouse (when I'm using a school or public PC and don't have the trackball with me) it makes me a little sad. For gaming I still usually use a regular mouse, but a trackball is great for pretty much everything else.
I've also purchased a little Huion tablet. It's very small, and it doesn't have its own display, but it does have 2048 pressure sensitivity levels and works quite well. I haven't used it enough to figure out many of the things it is and isn't good for, but I've enabled the pressure sensitivity option in my photo editor, and I'm impressed by its accuracy.
Recently someone asked on the free request section if the card in her hand could be replaced with a paper containing a handwritten number. I didn't have the tablet at the time, so I had to just write the number on a real sheet of paper, photograph it, and send it to myself. Having a pressure-sensitive pen and tablet is far more convenient than that.
when I editing photos with photoshop , I prefer to using my xp pen deco pro drawing tablet rather than with a mouse ,it's more natural 。
Roccat Kain 200 (wireless). For me it's the most comfortable mouse I've used so far, and I feel that the shape also gives me slightly better accuracy when compared to the other mice on this list.
A very nice-looking mouse that I would love to try.
However, I've recently switched to a Logitech G502 and it has far more buttons (which I have mapped to keyboard shortcuts and it's really nice), so I don't know if I could use it as a main mouse.
Logitech mouse are the best. Ive been using one of their silent mouse and I just love how its easy to use. Its really smooth and I havent experience any problems with it even after a year of using it.