who wants a tutorial

A step by step Slicing tutorial involving 52 over lapping layers would be helpful
that would not fit into a 15 min youtube video funny you should say that i was looking up something along those lines just not quite 52 layers but more like 5
after watching photoshop tennis game! treath I'd like to know how this pic is done:

you know with the postcard fx
ah so the postcard is actually a real picture and just added OOOOoooo that explain's it

a 'adding fire to a house' tutorial then?
yeah that warrants a video or probably 3 will look into this and find the simplest solution and compare it to how I would do it with all sorts of adjustment layers wont be today though I have company ;-)
that was just from 3 pics some colour over lay some blending options a smoke brush and smudge tool in 10 mins really you would spend about an hour on that