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Why do I lose my horizontal scroll bar when I zoom in?

Paul Sinyard

Hello all,

I recently moved from Photoshop Elements to full Photoshop and encountered a really annoying problem. After I open an image and zoom in I lose the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom. The vertical scroll bar remains in view but not the horizontal one. It is like the action of zooming in has pushed the horizontal scroll bar beyond the visible window. I then have to minimise and maximise the window to get it back.

For my work, I look at many images and do a lot of moving around and zooming in. This makes it a big problem for me and has forced me to revert back to Photoshop Elements for this work.

Has anybody else encountered this problem, and if so can they please let me know if there is anything I can change in settings to prevent this problem?

Kind regards,
Not sure about losing the horizontal scroll when zoomed........not at home to test my PS. But for me personally, I never need the scroll bars, I just use the space bar (Hand Tool). Hold the space bar and click and drag with the mouse. Much easier and faster!

Will check my Ps when I get home.
Did check and I do not lose either of my scroll bars while zooming. If I'm being totally honest, I didn't even know the scroll bars were there!! I have always just used the spacebar keyboard shortcut for the Hand Tool. On my Mac, I can also use the one finger touch method with the magic mouse to move the image around while zoomed.

Do you have "overscroll" checked in your prefs? If so, uncheck it!

Screen Shot 2023-01-12 at 7.18.00 AM.png
Thanks IamSam,

I already tried turning on and off overscroll and it seems to have no effect on this problem.

I didn't know about the space bar hand tool trick though. That should solve my problem and will make my life generally easier. Many thanks for that.

Best wishes,
Is it possible that your image workspace got undocked from the rest of your workspace?


If you separate (undock) your image from the rest of the toolbars, the image becomes free-floating and you can lose the horizontal and vertical scroll bars (like below). If this is what happened, try re-docking your image by positioning it so that the two corners highlighted in red are joined. Photoshop will "grab" the image and re-dock it, which restores the scroll bars. This is all I can think of for your problem.