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Specific Witch


I'd like the face to be turned into a witch's, so green and with a pointy hat and any other artistic flair you feel like adding (as long as still recognisable). Just the head on its own would be fine or maybe attached to a witch's body.

Thanks to any takers! Screenshot_1.jpg
Hello, I'd like to have that excellent photo by John (thebestcpu) above turned into a sequence of photos (4 maybe?) where it looks like she's melting, like in The Wizard of Oz. So in the film the hat starts to cover her face and you can see her green hands covering her face. She melts into her gown so that her gown looks like a puddle and all you can see is the hat on top of it.

Would anyone fancy a crack at that? Thanks for any help!
I don't think I have time to take on that project yet maybe another forum member will take on your request and certainly they are welcome to use my posted image as a starting point if they desire.