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Wizard Of Oz Colorization

Congratulation !
you did a nice job
There are similar images to compare them to
your edits are very well done
Quite good work. I love the idea about the oily metal with spots of corrosion!

Here my own remarks (but I may be wrong):
- the girl's skin has SLIGHTLY too much saturation (or maybe her skin is just too smooth)
- the walkway has too much saturation, should be (probably) more like light sand
- the dark green plant area behind the walk way might also have a little bit too much saturation or not enough details to look real or is too light in color, not sure
- the face of the robot needs a slight touch more yellow, to get the same color as all other metallic body part, maybe even some corrosion, too
- maybe a SLIGHT touch more saturation for the green robe of the guy at the right, but not so much saturation as in the other example image in the posting above my posting
I disagree about the saturation levels being too much. You have to remember that this movie was originally shot in 1939, and Technicolor was still very bright and vivid then. Plus, it was a film that was purposely done with imagination and wonderment in mind, so all the visuals were done to match that tone. The yellow brick road, Dorothy's dress, the Scarecrow's mask, the Tin Man's plating, the Lion's fur, and even the Wicked Witch's green skin - all of it was deliberately colorful.