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Zalgo text and photoshop

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I'm new here, so first of all - hi guys!

I have a question regarding zalgo text.. If you don't know what that is, check out eeemo.net and try copying the text into notepad or textedit.. I'm working on a design where I'd like to implement a word with the zalgo effect on but I came across a problem..
While the zalgo effect will work in textedit, I can't get it to work in photoshop.. Try it yourself and you'll see what I mean (it should take a second)..
I came up with one solution for the problem and that was enlarging the text in textedit, taking a screen shot and then importing the image in photoshop.. But the thing is, that I don't want the white background behind the text..
The next thing I did was pick the shadows with Color Range tool, but the thing is that the text gets all pixelated and just generally looks bad and unprofessional..
This is where I ran out of ideas, couldn't find any help online and I came to you guys.. Any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated!
Not open for further replies.