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    Photoshop Gurus Site Rules

    Site Rules
    o DO NOT advertise or spam in our forum. If you want to advertise here, send me a PM or use the contact form.
    o DO NOT advertise in other people's threads.
    o DO NOT make threads to advertise your personal website. This will be considered spamming.
    o DO NOT post obscene comments, videos or pictures.
    o DO NOT disrespect other members on this site.
    o DO NOT hijack other people's threads that they have made. Create your own.
    o DO NOT solicit off forum edits from forum members through private messages.
    o This is an English Only forum. Please do not post in another language. Use an online translator if you must.

    Posting Links or Promoting Your Own Site
    Photoshop Gurus is a not a place for people to promote their site without seriously contributing to the forum.
    Before you post any links to your personal websites, you must become a regular, contributing member of our community. This includes links in signatures and profile bio's.
    PSG doesn't prefer strict rules, but when it comes to spam we have no other choice.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    Signatures and Homepages
    You are allowed to put a link to your personal or professional website, portfolio, or other site RELATED in some way to Photoshop or any kind of visual design as long as you have been a regular, contributing member of our community. Anything else will be considered spam and you risk losing your account over it. If you are in doubt about what links might be allowed in your signature, please PM a staff member and ask.

    Editing Your Post
    You are allowed to edit the contents of your post or thread. But thread deletion can only be done by a MODERATOR. If there's a need to delete your thread, contact any of them for assistance or leave a request post in your thread or use the REPORT button to make a request.

    Welcome To

    We hope you enjoy our site. There are a lot of knowledgeable members and a vast amount of content on this site to help you with any Photoshop project.

    Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the community in the New Member Introductions forum. We feel an introduction breaks the ice, and helps members to be more productive and beneficial for our community.

    I highly encourage all new members to read the rules and new members guide briefly. I know no one wants to read pages and pages of information and I know it can feel overwhelming, but you'd be surprised at the amount of rookie mistakes that can be avoided if you quickly glance at the above information.

    More about:
    Avatars and Signatures
    Adding Images to Your Posts As Attachments
    Types of Attachments You Can Upload in the Forum
    BBCodes Used in This Forum | How to Post Links, Pics, Videos and More
    How to Add Video to Your Forum Post from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Google etc.
    Rules for Freelancers
    Rules for posting a Freelance Job
    Board FAQ
    Guidelines for Free Edit Requests
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