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    Adjustment Layers - Default Blend Mode

    Thanks for the quick reply. I've a feeling that it can't be done but would be a cool feature if it were to happen - maybe (hopefully!) I'm just missing something?
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    Adjustment Layers - Default Blend Mode

    Hi, I'm using CS6 and wondered of there was a way to change the default blend mode of an adjustment layer? For example, if you use the Curves adjustment, as well as increassing contrast it also increase saturation. I like to use the "Luminosity" blend mode so that I get the contrast without...
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    Actions Photoboard action

    Hi, I've searched the forums without success so apologies of this has been asked before. I'd like to create a frame round my pictures that mimics the 3D appearance of a card mounting board similar to the one that you would mount the photograph under glass. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance Alun
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    Workflow Question

    Hi, I import files off my memory card and convert to DNG/store/tag using Lightroom 3's Import dialog. For the obvious keepers, I then do as much of the processing I can using Lightroom 3 before dragging & dropping onto the Photoshop CS5 icon to do any final color...
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    Restricting Crops

    Thanks Steve
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    Restricting Crops

    Is there a way to restrict the crop to within the boundaries of a picture? I am constantly getting a small white line where I've "over-cropped". I'm using CS5 Thanks in advance Alun
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    Photoshop CS5 and AVI Video

    Thanks for the reply but won't that just shorten the movie? I need the whole 10 seconds action condensed into 3 seconds. I'll try it anyway....
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    Photoshop CS5 and AVI Video

    I have an .AVI video that I want to bring into PS CS5 Extended. I want the AVI to play and be saved (ultimately as aflame animation) quicker than it is now. I have 10 seconds of AVI video @ 15fps and would like to play the whole clip in 3 seconds. Any thoughts? :sad: Thanks in advance
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    "Pasting" settings between pictures

    I have two photos which are of roughly the same scene but taken under slightly different lighting conditions. I'll use a MS Word analogy to try and explain what I'm after - in Word, I can select some text and copy it. I can then move within Word to a completely different document and select...
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    Masking a Moving Object

    I've imported a short (2 second) video into PS as layers together with a still of the same scene. I want to create a mask for a flower which is moving. Do I need to mask each individual frame or is there an easier way of achieving this? I can't just create a big mask round the flower and it...
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    Duplicating a layer mask across multiple layers

    Works a treat! Thanks
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    Duplicating a layer mask across multiple layers

    thanks for the reply and the file. I'm using CS5 and when i expand the zip file (33k) using Stuffit it creates a file with a .cpgz suffix of only 8k - am I doing something wrong?
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    Duplicating a layer mask across multiple layers

    Thanks for the reply - I'm trying to build a cinemagraph using masks to mask out video layers like this. The masks are all identical as they just show the isolated areas of movement in each frame
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    Gradient? Not sure!

    I'm keen on knowing this so please post back when you've experimented
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    Pixel Perfect Alignment

    Thats brilliant Steve - works a treat!