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    Could someone advise me on how to improve my work?

    I’m really stuck on this one. Me and my cousin went to this concert thing recently, and we didn’t get to take any pictures together so he asked me if I could photoshop the two of us together. Here’s what it looks like so far. How do I make the colour and the shadowing of our faces look a bit...
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    Be honest. Does this look fake?

    I took a pic of my cousin and added myself to the pic, just to test and practice my photoshop skills. And here comes the problem. The outlines are kind of giving it out that I am quite literally a sticker stuck on a picture. Let me show you what I mean. This is the photoshopped picture: The...
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    I’m asking for advice

    Thanks so much for the help everyone! I took great note of all the tips and corrections and will continue trying to grow in my photoshop/editing skills
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    I’m asking for advice

    Okay so I took this photo right: And I swapped the face of the bottom girl with another face and now it looks like this: How do I make the hair of the girl in the bottom of the second pic look a bit less.. fake? Like how do I add that natural look/effect?
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    Paid 7$ (PayPal) to take someone out of a picture and replace with another person

    Hello everybody! I’m so happy that quite a few people are interested. I already chose the person who texted me first, but I’ll come back to you if I need any more services!
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    Paid 7$ (PayPal) to take someone out of a picture and replace with another person

    Dm me if you're interested. If the picture is good, I may raise the price and pay you more :)))
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    Specific Joke for my friends!

    Make it look like I’m kissing the guy and not the wall please? Thanks. Also I posted two pics so u can pick whichever ones easier for u to work with. Thank you again! Ur the best
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    Specific Remove girl and replace.

    I’ll see what I can do, give me a second;)
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    Specific Photoshop two couples, replace one face with another

    My bf recently broke up with me, I was so heartbroken:( I cried and cried for hours till one of my friends told me to just revenge him my making it look like I’m w someone else Sooo could you take the pic below and photoshop the girls face with the other one ? Thank you so so so much