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    What does your wallpaper look like?

    The new Windows 7 wallpaper changer is awesome - I download free wallpaper at InterfaceLIFT: Wallpaper sorted by Date every few days and I am always looking at a different view.
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    Devil May Cry 4 (PC)

    I've only played the first one also :)
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    LOL, a good funny to start my day ...
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    Help! I did something stupid

    Your font management table may be damaged. If you are still having the issue, try searching the Microsoft Knowledge Base for assistance at Help and Support.
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    john lennon portrait

    Very nice work!
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    150+ Free Photoshop Plug-ins.

    Wow, quite an extensive list - thank you!
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    Some of my work.

    Wow, really nice stuff indeed!
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    Liquid Dream Wallpaper

    Very nice artwork!
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    fun little request

    LOL, if I were that talented with Photoshop I would be editing photos of my friends all day!
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    What software can I use to build Flash

    You could use Swish at SWiSH - Easy Flash Animation Software Tools and Designer Templates. You can get Swish templates at to get started with it quickly.
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    Help with Magic Lasso/Lasso tool

    Additionally, do you use a special plug-in to help you? If so, which one is best for this type of cutting out & editing?
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    Hello :)

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Help with Magic Lasso/Lasso tool

    Hi iDad - I will connect with you via PM, thank you! Can you share with me how you did it? Do you use the magic lasso? At what settings? Also, what do you use for an input device - a mouse or a pen? -Gina
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    Help with Magic Lasso/Lasso tool

    Hello, I am a Photoshop noob and am trying to learn things little by little, but something that's always eluded me is how to EASILY cut someone out from the background of a photo. I give up each time because either Photoshop cuts out too much background, or it is frustratingly difficult to...