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    Need Help - How Can I Fix This

    Sorry about that. I should have stated that in my other post. I need to learn proper forum etiquette as well. I'm not a big forum guy. I'm only on just one other forum. lol Yes I did use Tom Mann's suggestion in post #12. It was a much easier process, for me anyway. I used the Polygonal...
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    Need Help - How Can I Fix This

    Well this is the best I have done this far.
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    Some PS Edits I Have Done

    Here are just a few that I have done. Nothing special, just playing around. And just so that you know, the custom work on the car is real. And it's not all show. I did alot of suspention and power work. Dyno tuned and I have 58hp more than stock. Before I had put vinyl graphics on just to...
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    My picture

    That is awesome looking, I like how it looks. You did a very nice job on it.
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    Need Help - How Can I Fix This

    As far as I know the image in the first post is the only one he has. That is the only one I have to work with. I think what he did was he did some editing and then saved it. Replacing the original with his edited copy. He had been looking for the past 3 months for someone to help fix this for...
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    Need Help - How Can I Fix This

    Tom it is very possible this is exactly what has happened to this image. It was shot in 2011 with a COOLPIX L110 so he may have tried to manipulate the image and did not keep the original. And it was 8 bit, I changed it to 16 bit thinking it would be much easier to work with more colors to try...
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    Need Help - How Can I Fix This

    Thank you so much ibclare for taking your time to help me on this. I only did a section on the door, it's the easy section. I did the CIVIC letters as well, it needs work. Or I need to work on it. :lol: I will need some practice but I will get it better. Thanks again for your help. :thumbsup:
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    Need Help - How Can I Fix This

    You can see the stripe and under the door how it looks choppy. How can I fix this? I have been trying to fix this but just can get it looking good, natural. Feel free to give it a shot. If you know how I can fix this, I would like to learn how its done as well.
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    Another Self-Portrait Before/After..

    In you after and after-after, you made your skin look to yellow. And in the after-after you can see dots, like it was shot in ISO 400 at high noon.
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    Pretty Girl

    I can understand that. If you go to far, like smoothing out the skin, everyone she knows will know its been touched up.
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    Big Fish!

    Looks like a pro photg took the shot, nicely done.
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    My First Repair

    WOW, I was not expecting it to look as good as it does. Very nice job.
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    First re touch

    Not bad for the first one
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    Retouch + Make-Up

    Re: Retouch + Make-Up & a Halfway- Look I like how shee looks. The only thing that I don't like is that it looks like a hard edge around her. Almost like it was cropped and pasted into another image.
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    Sports MVP Wallpapers Advice Please !

    Same here, I like the first one. You did a nice job on it.