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    "Flowers" - Compositions

    Hi all, here are a couple of images I wipped up for my Mum-in-law. These are my photos of her flowers.
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    "Club Flower" - Photo Manipulation

    Original Modified
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    "Club Flower" - Photo Manipulation

    Hi all, I found a site that does photo manipulation contests and I thought I would give it a go. The contest details (for this round) are that you have to try and incorporate playing card shape/s into an image eg spade, heart, diamond or clubs. The first image is the original photo I took...
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    Starfields and Space Imagery Challenge/tute

    Raven :: Very nice image mate......And cheers for the 2 thumbs up. 8-)
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    How is this done?

    I dont do alot of photography but I would say that image is done with a longer exposure time (see the waves blurring) and with a polorizing filter (gives brighter colourings). This can be done with PS by increasing saturation and colourings, maybe use a levels adjustment and then hand bluring...
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    Starfields and Space Imagery Challenge/tute

    Space Scene with 3Ds planet Nice images guys......Space scenes are big in the 3D world as well as they are fairly easy for a beginner in the field to produce nice images. This is an image of a space scene I did a while ago. I also did animation of flying around the planet which I thought...
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    "The New Breed" - new image

    Hi all, Got bored last night so I thought I would play with this image..... This is what happens when you let the Zebra's into the wrong enclosure....
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    "Face in the Sand" - new image

    Like to know your thoughts. Doug Hall
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    "foresight" - new image

    Well.....I like it. Like to know your thoughts. Doug Hall
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    3D windoze ripoff somewhat....

    Hey all, I made a little inage the other day and thought it came out ok. Thought you might like to see...
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    Reflection enhancement.

    Fair enough comment for this image but I would still like to know what teckneques I would use to bring the details in this one or images in the future.
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    Reflection enhancement.

    well here is the image...... I would like to bring out as much detail as possible of the human figure in the picture.
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    Reflection enhancement.

    Hi all, Well I have been a avid PS7 user for a long time now, mainly to do touch ups and compositions for my 3D work etc but ,ately I have been trying my hand at photo restoration and image enhacement. I have a problem. I am trying to enhance a photo that has a reflection in it so as to...