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    Specific Any improvement

    Brilliant, thanks so much for your efforts
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    Specific Any improvement

    Amazing results folks, THANKS for your expertise, can I be cheecky JeffK and ask that the car be returned to its original size and angle, and the exaust addition to be deleted. Sorry to nitpick, its just that the original size of the car demonstrates the actual height of the car from the ground...
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    Specific Any improvement

    Terrible quality picture (taken from the web) I know, but can anyone make any sort of improvements on this. Im hoping to get the "driver" to autograph it, then frame it. Obviousley its such a small file and poor quality, so not expecting miracles.
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    Specific Grandfather RAF photo Restoration

    These are fantastic. Thank you so much. Colourised one is now in a frame. THANKS again
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    Specific Grandfather RAF photo Restoration

    Obviousley its not the best starting point, but can anyone make improvements on this picture of my late Grandfather. It would be very much apprciated!!
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    Printed pictures coloured very different than displayed on screen

    When I print colour pictures on my Epson XP900, the colours on the actual print are very different to what was on the screen at the time. I am using good quality paper quality ink why is it so different between screen and printer and whats the best way to get a similar result to what is on the...
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    Specific Screen cap colour cast removal

    Im hoping you experts can work you magic on this screen cap, In my humble opinion it has varying colour casts m(if that makes sense, and generally washed out. I realise its a screen cap and even you chaps can polish the proverbial, but any improvements on this would be very welcome. THANKS
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    Lasso/Selection help

    Always wanted to blur backgorunds or alter the colour of etc etc, but I always struggle with the lasso or selection tool, eg the attached "screen cap" pic that was kindly sharpened up and edited by a member of this group, how do I accutately select just the car for example, or in another...
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    Improving a screen grab

    Excellent thanks, didnt think it would get as good as that....Thanks again
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    Improving a screen grab

    Apologies for this not being a quality picture, in fact its a screen cap from a video file, that I am trying to make a little better to use as a print. I have used basic MS photo and PS CS3 options. I am trying to remove what I see as a blue cast, and the the exposure of the lower right. Im...
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    Filtering colour casts/tints

    I have been asked by a friend to create some pictures he can sign for people. The only issue is that the pics I have to work with are screen captures from video player app called VLC, and the pics have a terrible colour casting which varies across the width of the shot as seen below. My...
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    Paid Old Photo Restoration help

    Can anyone quote for thier efforts to "restore" an old Picture for me, Im not wanting a miraculous result just a "cleaner" image......Attached is a low res JPEG for your evaluation. I have taken pot luck and used Ebay before now with results ranging from good to dire!! So I thought Id ask the...
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    Adjustment Layer Help

    So I still need to create an adjustment layer, eg a saturation one, then do I select the "Use previous layer to create clippingmask option". Then what other steps do I have to do, sorry to be so nieve......
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    Adjustment Layer Help

    IM scanning some old 35mm Slides into my PC, and would like to put a little "Modern" touch to them, eg de-saturate the background in this pic, its been a while since I did this sort of thing so if you folks could assist me, I know I have to create an adjustment layer, then desaturate that layer...
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    Scratched & Damaged Transparency correction

    After some great advice on another topic on here I have learnt how to enhance and alter colours of old 35mm slide transparencies, I have now come across a few that are dmaged or baldy scratched beyond my limited capabilities, Im fairly confident on using basic cloning and brushing of areas, to...