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    Illustrator Shortcut to curving a 90 degree angle?

    I'm using illustrator CS4 so my U key is my mesh tool (which I've never used). I should probably clarify that they are not exactly 90 degree angles. I have found a generic way by just zooming way in and adding anchor points and using the arrow keys. The more I play with it the less I think there...
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    Illustrator Shortcut to curving a 90 degree angle?

    So I'm penning one of my sketches and some of the 90 degree angles I think would look a lot better with a slight curve. I've been spending a ton of time going to each one and adding anchors and tweeking. Any tips on speeding this up? something like this.
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    Illustrator Clipping paths not allowed for live paint?

    I'm needing to use the live paint tool but when doing so I get an error message. "The selection contains objects that cannot be converted. Live Paint groups can only contain paths and compound paths. Clipping paths are not allowed." I'm guessing its from the pen tool as this was the first...
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    Illustrator Moving a layer to another document?

    They are both separate projects. I saved the final work of the one I need added but I don't know if its possible to throw it into my other work. If that makes any sense. Is this more of a photoshop project?
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    Illustrator Moving a layer to another document?

    What am I doing wrong? I have an image I inked and want to take that image and add it to another project Im working on. If I select tool move it, it simply makes a blank layer. Any way to open a saved file with my current work up?
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    Has anyone gone from drawing & painting realistically to more imaginative work?

    Never really thought about it. Looking back I've only ever drawn one style. Any time I attempt another style I have to look at other peoples art of that style for ideas. So I guess I could never really call it my new style.
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    No pen tool. Need options.

    Well what I mean by sketches is my first step. I want to begin coloring but I can't get them to the quality I would like first. I still get some of the natural errors from free handing the lines.
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    No pen tool. Need options.

    Hey guys. I've decided to take my art to the digital side. I'm using a wacom tablet and I have a few sketches I've started that I would like to ink the lines for that ultra smooth look. However, I'm using elements 8 (cause I'm poor) and there is no pen tool option. I'm also very new to PS so...