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    Greetings, greetings!

    Hi Alissa, welcome to PSG. Feel free to post up some of your work, and don't be shy to ask us if you have any questions :)
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    Hello from California

    Hi James, welcome to PSG. Feel free to share some of your work, we would love to see it :)
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    Jagged Lines - why can't I get clean lines?

    What are you doing to the text in illustrator? I don't see anything that Photoshop could not do itself, unless I am missing something. If you create the text in Photoshop do you get a better result?
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    Help creating graphics

    It would be more helpful if you posted the image instead of the url. Is this the one?
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    Jagged Lines - why can't I get clean lines?

    Is that text editable in Photoshop or is it being treated as a raster graphic after you imported it from Illustrator? What anti alias setting are you using?
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    Gifs running slow.

    What is the file size of the finished animated gif image?
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    Please help with print basics!

    CMYK vs. RGB depends on the printer. Most commercial print shops will want the document in CMYK, but if you are printing on your home inkjet then RGB is usually better. It's impossible to answer that question without knowing where it will be printed. The reason you are seeing the image huge...
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    Please help with print basics!

    Go to Edit --> Image Size and there under Document Size you can set the dpi (Resolution). For high quality print you probably want 150 - 300 dpi, then set the Document Size to cm and enter the size you want.
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    Well hello everyone. :D

    Hi Adriana, welcome to PSG. Post up some of your work if you want to share :)
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    From Pencil Drawing to Digital Art

    Yes, I have to agree. Thanks Steve! :thumbsup:
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    Work Wanted

    Hi watto79, while we do appreciate your offering of services please read the rules for posting in this section. I suggest posting up some images of your work in the proper section, and beign more active here on the forums. It doesn't take long to get the 30 posts needed. Thread closed.
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    From Pencil Drawing to Digital Art

    Are you looking for advice on how to get them into Photoshop, such as scanner or camera.... or what to do with them once you have them as digital images? As a general tip, you are probably going to use a lot of the same filters/processes more than once so if you find something that works...
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    Install both PS4 and PS5

    You can have both CS4 and CS5 installed on the same computer without any issues.
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    Hello everyone :)

    Hi Neo, welcome to PSG. I'm also a huge fan of the Matrix movies :thumbsup:
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    Graphic Design Brochure

    Sounds interesting, show us what you have if you started on it. Is the brochure on the topic of graphic design, or it is your graphic design project and can be on any other topic? Is the final result to be printed, or displayed as a graphic? First thing would be to get the dimensions...