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    Halftone dots seem too large.

    Hi team, Been a while... These sort of images have been popping up on a few of the design blogs I've been following. I really like the old school scanned sort of effect of the black and white image. When I play around with colour halftones on photoshop I can never seem to give it that sort of...
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    Subtle noisy halftone pattern

    Hey again guys! Just wondering if anyone could advise here. Been mucking around with halftones today, saw this image posted somewhere previously with the author claiming it was a halftone. From my understanding the halftone patterns look more "honeycomby", made up of lots of gridded dots - this...
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    How to Make a Twisted Ring Overlay?

    really massive thanks to all that replied guys! big help!
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    How to Make a Twisted Ring Overlay?

    Hey guys, My friend had some artwork produced for a new music release of his. Anyone got any idea how you'd go about creating that twist / bend / distorted effect around a shape? Thanks again all :)
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    Old skool illustration

    Hey guys, another question to put out there. Been in graphic design for a couple of years but never had that much of an educated background in the field so I often have questions concerning techniques / methods. I was wondering if you guys could give me a bit of an idea as to how this sort of...
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    Black and White stylised pattern

    Thanks for the help guys, really nice - this is the experiment I came up with - not as sleek as yours but still similar effect to what I was after.
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    Black and White stylised pattern

    Ohhhhh nice one man! Will crack on with this tonight. Thanks again.
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    Black and White stylised pattern

    Hey man, Just been browsing the forum, very impressed with your work as an admin, can see myself learning a lot from being here. Just had a play with your advice, looks really good - thanks a lot, simple idea but effective. I haven't got a great deal of experience working with creating...
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    Black and White stylised pattern

    Hey guys, Seen this effect cropping up here and there and would love to know if anyone had any advice as to how to do it? Really like the old skool stippled feel of the pattern, would it be a case of creating a pattern overlay on shapes drawn with the pen tool and creating a variety of...