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    My First Bunch of Signatures..

    Yep i did it earlier ;) thanks!
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    My First Bunch of Signatures..

    well i did the halo one again Any Better :) than the other halo one:)?
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    First Time With a C4D /cry :P

    I thought id give it a go using a c4d and turned out quite horrible if u ask me :P it jsut doesn't flow with the rest of the image (the c4d) Advice on how to make it look... more right:P would be awesome:).
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    My First Bunch of Signatures..

    Hey people, i am new to photoshop and im in the process of learning how to make some cool sigs so i know they are not awesome ect... These are the only ones i have done i will show them in order of 1st to latest, some of these did not turn out as i wanted but meh, here they are. Feedback is...
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    Greenish Girls

    Looks Awesome!:)
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    Koenigsegg Agera R Image

    The Second one looks loads better :)
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    Hello everyone! This is my first project.

    Looks nice for your first one!:) keep it up
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    text effects

    The Fire text looks awesome!:)