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    Reset DEFAULT frame rate in Frame Animation Pallet?

    Dear Evil, Thanks for replying. I thought there was some way to change the default because mine was stuck on 10 seconds for weeks—I'm not sure how that happened. But, when I tried to reset it to 4 seconds by: starting up PS; creating new doc; setting frame rate to 4 seconds; closing new doc...
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    Pantone Gradients

    Hi Mr. P. To the best of my knowledge: These are Gradient Presets that (should) reside in your: PhotoShop/Presets/Gradients folder You can load them to use in your files by going to the arrow on the right of your 'gradient pull down menu' and navigating to the gradient set you want...
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    Reset DEFAULT frame rate in Frame Animation Pallet?

    Hi Everyone! I create animated gifs frequently using the Frame Animation pallet. The default frame rate starts out as 10 seconds, so I always have to change it to 4 seconds. Is there anyway to reset the default frame rate that I start out with to 4 seconds, so that I don't have to change it...
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    SpectraView II - Can I have multiple calibration profiles?

    Dear Everyone: I've got a nifty monitor that comes uses Spectraview II and the NEC calibration puck -- It is terrific, I calibrated the monitor for print and it gave me very close print emulation on my monitor. However I do work both for print and for the internet (ads, banners, etc.) When I...
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    Yo! from the Garden State

    Hi Everybody, I'm a freelance graphic designer who has been working in PhotoShop for.... yikes gotta be 18 years now. Photoshop is a very deep program and there is always more to learn. I found you looking for downloadable layer styles (which I found, thankyouverymuch :cheesygrin:). So far...