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    Paid Embed company logo

    How do you feel about this?
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    Paid Private request. Body detailing.

    Private message sent!
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    Paid Smoothing out frizzy hair $7 budget

    Improved the previous version of my job. Hair looks more natural, forehead looks cleaner and the photo has a bigger quality.
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    Paid Smoothing out frizzy hair $7 budget

    Removed the lines on your forehead, improved the hair and improved image quality aswell. Let me know if you need all 3.
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    Paid Fathers Spirit picture request

    Private message sent.
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    Modern House 3D Model

    True, 3dsMax allows you to make real-time 3D models that can be converted into a large variety of files.
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    Modern House 3D Model

    By far my best house model. Made it using 3ds Max 2010.
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    Paid Certificate alteration

    I don't think this is allowed. Anyways, gonna wait for an administrator to verify it. I think changing the form of a certificate isn't allowed here.
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    Logo for project

    Thank you for the feedback! It's not an abbreviation, it's the literal name of the enterprise. We make 3D models, provide freelancing services, software & videogame programming. I'm currently working on 3D models for him, with 3dsMax.
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    Paid Badge Creating

    And for your information, years don't mean effort, time and talent. I didn't mention everything, I don't tell everything I know to everyone. But I'ma lay it down here. I started off using Adobe Photoshop CS3 when I was 14, by the time I was very good at drawing and it was a hobby. I know how to...
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    Logo for project

    So, me and a friend are starting an early project. He's the CEO of the enterprise, I'm the lead graphic designer. I can hire others if I want. Here are two logos I provided for his website.
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    Logos for my music business

    Appreciate the feedback! People have been reacting nicely to the first logo, the second one received a critic that it needed a couple of more elements to make it dope.
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    Logos for my music business

    Thanks Argos!