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    Help with Vector thingy

    insted of making something 'vectorish', why not use a vector program. keep in mind too, that if you save as almost any file format ( .tif, .jpg, .png ) the image will raster anyway. that leaves the vector formats ( .ai, .eps ) the next option would be to up the ppi ( 600 + ) the more pixels per...
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    Creating a duplicate of an item then rotating item

    no problem. aways nice to get a response when help is provided. As you may have noticed, so much of the time you don't.
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    Creating a duplicate of an item then rotating item

    With just a bit of thought, almost anything is possible when it comes to editing an image with Photoshop. In this case, the solution was very simple. First you needed to eliminate the medallion. There was enough 'negative' space above it to copy a section > move the copy down > merge, then do...
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    Photoshop Elements

    what file format are you scanning to? If it's .tif then it may be too big if you're using a high dpi. Your scanner can handle a 4000 dpi resolution, see if that's the default setting and if so, change it to 300 and then work your way up. If you can scan to .jpg that will produce a smaller file...
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    How do they do this?

    docilbob probably hit the nail. I'd suggest using a tripod though, just loosen the head some, stop down and lengthen the exposure time. However, this effect is quite doable in Photoshop. You may be able to locate some brushes that will work, for the light streaks, but you'd be better off making...
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    Buying Photoshop, which version?

    As Mindbender said, PS Elements is a very nice little editor, it has nowhere near the depth of most any recent, full versions of Photoshop. I doubt you'd be all that happy with Gimp for work on photos. But you might, and it is free. PSP is far less expensive than Photoshop and many people swear...
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    Print to PDF issue

    try saving as an .eps, if successful, distill the .eps to pdf using the quality printing job option. open the pdf in Acrobat Pro ( not Reader ) and optimize it. this will reduce the file size. If you send a 650m file to your printer, they'll probably never speak to you again. Distilling will...
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    black and white photo with touch of color question

    And yet another way ( you gotta love Photoshop, so much redundancy ) Make a copy on a new layer, desaturate the copy, break out the good old 'eraser' tool and have at it ( oh yeah, on the desaturated layer ) Merge layers when absolutely ecstatic with your results.
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    Scanning and saving to a useable format

    My reply was made under the assumption that ozmozo45 didn't have optical character recognition software. Otherwise, he wouldn't have posed the question. ya think?
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    Scanning and saving to a useable format

    Your image will be rastered in PS and will look like crap. It won't be editable either. It wouldn't be editable even if you have Word and had a way of scanning into it. Fonts don't work that way. A scanned image is a virtual picture and has no embedded font metadata. It wouldn't be editable in a...
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    Yet Another... How do I do this

    It's either a brush in photoshop, ( not any that came with it, possibly a downloaded vector brush. There's a million of 'em ) Or they were done in Illustrator and imported into PS. I'd opt for the Illustrator solution. Attached is a default rgb stroke from Illustrator CS2
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    cmyk color

    I'm really not sure what your problem is, if you follow these instructions, there should be no color matching issues. Let me know if this helps
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    cmyk color

    your monitor is rgb..when you output in cmyk, you don't preview accurately. You'd need a cmyk monitor and there ain't no such animal. Get a color swatch book. Then set the colors with the eyedropper to match the percentages in the book. (Pantone has a few). Your cmyk preview will look a bit...
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    how to save a file as gif!!!!!

    Ah the joys of unsupported software ( why wouldn't you have backed it up on disk before installing? ) I'd do a couple of things, first, contact the people who require a .gif and see if they'll accept a different file format. Maybe a .png. second, save it as a .png, put it on a stick or disk, go...
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    Pls pls help, anyone who can spot fakes

    I wouldn't stake my life on my conclusion. IT'S AN EDUCATED GUESS AT BEST. There are forensics people who may ( or may not ) have a method of examining the photo, pixel by pixel, and determining something \:/ I'm not one of them. But if this were a legal mater, I wouldn't take the word of anyone...