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    Photoshop Challenge Week #4

    Wow, there is some awesome works here. Great job for all who applied their knowledge to this challange.
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    Good to be here!

    Welcome Charlie, so editing pictures is your game. Should I send you some to practice on? :mrgreen:
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome in Boorhan, hope you find what your looking for here. If not, just ask.
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    My Hero

    looks sweet, kinda artsy kinda serious. Not sure what doesn't look perfect. Everyone has their own interuptation about art. Great Job.
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    New from Imperial Beach

    welcome IB (Imperial Beach), hmmmm where in CA. is this beach. Being from California you would think I would know.
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    Welcome to the greatest show on earth. Yes, we are now competing with the circus for that title. :mrgreen:
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    Howdy Dan, and welcome aboard. Please move over as far to the right as you can we have many more getting onto this ride. :mrgreen:
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    i come in peace or take me to your leader...

    Welcome Beth, did you bring the cookbook, I hear these earth people aare very tasty. :mrgreen:
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    HEY.................WELCOME...................... ASK Questions. :mrgreen:
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    Hello everyone

    Hello Zany and welcome. You've come to the right place to learn Photoshop and manyy other programs. We aare proud to serve you.
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    I'm eating a yogurt right now...

    welcome, I'm eating photoshop knowledge right now, andd I don't have to be concerned about spilling it on my keyboard. :lol:
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    PSG and Non-Registered Users...

    Your suggestion as been prodded many times, questioned and answered in every forum on the net. Got some who think they have the best info available they lock the forums from Unwanted guests, in my opinion thats pretty selfish of them. As it has beeen said, we want our visitors to feel welcome...
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    Drop shadow changes on multiple layers...?

    Your not doing anything wrong. That's what it does, but I believe there is a trick to stop that. I don't have photoshop on my iPad so I can't explain it to you.
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    New Here!

    Welcome from extremely hot Arizona. Hope you are cooler then us:cool2:
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    Glad to be here!

    I think your english is actually really good. There are some people born in this country who have terrible English.