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  1. N

    How to achieve this kind of effect

    Permission to post Admin Gurus: I would like to ask or your help on how to achieve the same effect as the image I posted. (Ship covered with sugar grains) Thanks in advance.
  2. C

    How to achieve this look?

    Hi! I've been doing automotive photography for quite some time now, and i'm increasingly frustrated with the editing process. Long story short, I want to achieve this kind of look: They have this feel which i best can describe as "light". I'm looking to achieve the light look of the...
  3. sabrefoot

    How do I achieve this effect in the background

    We're talking the background here. How to I achieve the effects where one side is a darkened photo and the other a color with the photo appearing inversed? I cannot for the life of me figure out how to accomplish the fete. Can anyone help me here? Thank you!
  4. O

    Actions Photoshop action for special effect

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone can help me. I am looking for an action or instructions on how to achieve an effect in Photoshop like this one in Picart Hope someone will be able to assist Thanx in advance
  5. V

    Picture Color Theme?

    Hello everyone, that is my first post. This is a photo with the color scheme I want to have. cold blue and red stylish thing... I play in a band and we want to make our hole pictures in that look above. I know, that it also depends on the photo, but maybe you can achieve that look in...
  6. jromer

    How do I achieve this darkened effect?

    Hi gurus, new member here. I decided to look for a PS forum after failing to find answers to my questions on YouTube. I'm learning web design and a crucial skill to have in my tool belt is Photoshop. Long story short, the objective for today is darkening a photo in order to use it as a...
  7. F

    How does Brandon achieve this type of editing?

    Hi Everyone, I was recently browsing Instagram and stumbled upon Brandon Woelfel's page and saw this before and after picture he posted. How does he achieve this type of editing/effect? Thanks, Faraaz
  8. D

    Need Help Making a Product Shot into a Preview Image (for website)

    Good afternoon, I need some help please. Either with some guidance on how to achieve the result I need or (if anyone wants a challenge or has free time on their hands!) could do this for me? If the latter I'd still appreciate some guidance on what you did? Basically what I have is two Product...
  9. N

    distorted text effect?

    Hi there, New to these forums but not really new to photoshop, however, my abilities are more in photo manipulation than truly creative concepts. I come here searching for help in achieving the distorted text effect in the image I have attached. I am stumped at to how to achieve it. Would...
  10. A

    How to Achieve this style of color grading for cityscapes?

    I am trying to create this style of cityscape coloring, but so far I am unable to do that, this is by Liam Wong, I really like his work, any ideas about how to achieve this is greatly appreciated.
  11. M

    How to animate/cartoon yourself

    Hey I've practiced on a few techniques from tutorials but I'm really liking how this was done on this cover here. Anyone have any tips on how to achieve this look in photoshop, is this a plugin or something?
  12. P

    Hoe to make faded effects?

    Hi Gurus its my first request in here .Am attaching an image and i would like to know how to achieve that effect. Am also attaching my own effort so far .So please guide me through.Thanks Ok on the above attached image how to make the image blurred or faded at the left hand side of it.Am...
  13. H

    Surreal Effect Question

    I'm trying to achieve a distinct look and feel for a photomanip I'm working on. There's this trend of giving photographs an almost illustrated appearance; what I would describe as a 'surreal' look, as seen in this Avengers movie poster: One of the premiere book cover designers in the...
  14. O

    Achieve particular text effect

    Hey guys, this is my first post. I am not completely new to Photoshop as I've been playing around with it for the past 9 months or so. As an autodidact user, though, I often find myself using the most tedious and tiresome way to get the desired result. I've therefore decided I want to learn the...
  15. V

    How to achieve these colors?

    Hi, guys. Im a night club photographer, beed using photoshop since CS2. Till now I haven't had any problems to achieve whatever I have wanted to achieve. But i stumbled upon a night club in Dubai and the colors they got in their photos are just woah. The lightning is similar /through led...
  16. D

    70s family photo effect

    So, I want to make one of those awkward family photos for a christmas card this year. I know how what needs to be done to get the effect, but I just don't really know HOW to achieve it. The old grainy and washed out effect is giving me a lot of problems and I was wondering if anyone knows of a...
  17. N

    How to achieve this color grading or effect

    Hi, I just want to know how to achieve this color grading or effects
  18. Z

    Creating tabular price lists in PS?

    Hi guys, I am trying to create a price list menu, but I am struggling to keep all the text aligned. It's for a menu where the tens, units and decimals need to be accurately aligned. I cobbled together an example of how it's appearing for me when I try this as well as a good example (the...
  19. M

    Can somebody please achieve this effect with different letters?

    Hi! I want to achieve this 3d effect of the letters (as if inside a cube), but using IOL instead of ILC. Can someone do this please? If you could tell me how you did it, would be great!
  20. D

    Blending Colors

    Is there a way to mix two different shades of red to come up with one desired shade of red if I know the exact desired color I'm looking to achieve? Thank you!!