1. mikecox

    Add screenshot to layer

    I had been using the Brush tool but it stopped being active for some reason, while trying to get it active again I pressed a key combination, by mistake, that added a recent screen shot to my layers panel. I have no idea what combination was but I was so excited to see it happen because it...
  2. SepiaPhotographi

    More Art/Photoshop Forums?

    I was wondering.... I know this is not my imagination... Why is it so hard to find active Photoshop groups? I've gone on flickr, facebook, yahoo groups, etc. I've found so many groups that have been abandoned for years. Even Deviant art, to some extent doesn't really have an active Photoshop...
  3. SepiaPhotographi

    Hello From New York City!!!

    Hi Photoshop Friends!! I am a photograph enthusiast, and aspiring photographic artist. Took some classes in a few adobe packages, and would like to participate in a web community to help me keep my juices flowing. For whatever reason, it appears to be very difficult to find an active Photoshop...
  4. Tiffer73

    Interface question: Copy clipboard to new document

    Hi, I've just upgraded from 5.5 to CC. Just getting used to things. So, normally I would copy a selection from one document and do a "ctrl N" for new file from clipboard. I would click "new" and the new document would open and I would paste my clipboard instanly. Done. However, now the only...
  5. Z

    Photoshop CS6 brush and eraser tools are streaking across the active layer. Incredibl

    Video of the issue I'm having: The video only shows the issue when using the brush tool. However, the exact same thing is happening when I use the eraser tool. It will erase a long streak across what layer is active. I've tried Googling this issue, and haven't come up with anything. Does...
  6. dv8_fx

    Regarding our Senior Administrator. ...

    There had been questions raised and concern among members regarding the whereabouts of Steve , our Senior Administrator. It is with deep regret to inform everyone in the forum that he has stepped down from his position due to personal reasons. He gave notice of his resignation last February...
  7. Nilony


    Hello to you all, my name is Marcos, and I'm interested in learning some Photoshop skills. I got a new project going on to start creating football mini kits, but since I lack the knowledge to manipulate some of the essential tools (all of them, really), I went on to join a specific community. I...
  8. H

    Anybody here knows how to create this style on PS?

    Hi guys! I'm new here, I'm a fashion designer and I've got a photoshoot coming up in 1 week. I'm not very good with PhotoShop. Hence, I'm here asking for help. Does anybody here knows how to replicate this style on PS? Thanks a lot.
  9. B

    Hello All

    Just wanted to say hello. I don't tend to post a whole lot. I usually read a ton, however, I will do my best to be an active part of this community. Bhang
  10. Paul

    Freelance (paid work) section.

    How about having any member wanting to do paid work make say five active posts within 24 hours of the thread being started by the OP, and not just one line replies either or emoticon entries. They might have a post count to reply in cash freelance but not that active on the boards daily or...
  11. Z

    Huion H610 Pro or 1060Pro+?

    Hey PSgurus and People of the like! As it's recently occurred to me that I need a graphics tablet, so I looked around and was going to go for a Wacom bamboo, but I stumbled across Huion, which do 10x6.25" tablets for the same price as a 5.8" Bamboo tablet. A good active surface would be good...
  12. R

    Becoming an Active Photoshop User and Forum Member

    Hi! I've been using Photoshop causally now for about 10 years, since about 2001. Honestly I'mstill a bit of novice, just not using the software to it's full potential. I'd been using CS2 for about the last five years and just recently upgraded to CS5 as I went to a System 7 computer. As I...