1. S

    where do i get these kind of shapes??

    Hello All I believe there is a custom shape like the screen shoot below somewhere i can download it , can someone advise me, please. many thanks in advance
  2. M

    After Effects Editing a template in AE

    I'm new to After Effects so I'm hoping someone can advise me regarding editing of templates. I want to create a short 8 - 10 second intro for a series of videos I'm going to make. I've found a template on VideoHive that I really like. It shows a search box where the input text changes into a...
  3. Q

    question about GIF file

    Hi, i would like to create a flash file like this, please advise. Thanks
  4. R

    Giving a modern photo an antique look.

    Hi guys, I am new to photoshop, and I wonder is there any ways that I can create this rustic filter on my images like this images I pulled out from Harry's? Thanks in advance!
  5. M

    Which versions allow colour correction of video?

    Hi all, I am looking to buy a version of photoshop for my Dad as he is into scuba diving but is always complaining that the colours on screen from videos doesn't match to how they should look. I know that A version of photoshop would be able to help with this but I don't know (and can't find...
  6. J

    how can i photoshop a slashing effect

    Dear all, how can i create a slashing effect? can anyone advise me kindly appreciate.
  7. J

    anyone can advise how can i get this effect?

    Dear all, anyone can advise how can photoshop into this kaneki kagune effect? The red color thing behind his back. kindly appreciate your help. This are the reference:
  8. J

    need help on correct skin tone

    Dear all, i try to collect my model skin tone using curves, brush, saturation and lumbiance in camera raw however i still can't get the correct skin tone any professional out there can advise me on how can i get this going ? appreciate much. thank you.
  9. Howcho

    new challenge for me (remove stain)

    Can any advise me on how to remove this stain from the poor girls face? This is my kindergarten picture. How cute?
  10. ugur

    Compositing Work

    Hi there. I tried to create a new scene from stock photos. Photos are not taken by me. The result is: Any advise or critique is wellcome.
  11. ugur

    More beginner work

    Hi there. My work about displacement maps again. Original image, which is not taken by me, is here: My manipulation is: Any advise, like or dislike is welcome.
  12. D

    Hi, I'm new here and need advise.

    I'm new and I'm looking into editing photos. Can anyone suggest a software that allows me to edit existing pictures allowing me to add or delete people,buildings and things?
  13. adeee

    need proper advise and guidence about photoshop.

    Guys am currently use Adobe fireworks cs5 and very good with it. but according to the local designing job requirement Photoshop is necessary. So i decided to learn photoshop. i obtain a copy of photoshop cs4 middle east. and have no idea how to use it. Now am here to ask you please suggest me...