1. Eggy

    Reversed Restoration

    An exercise in 'aging' Original Corroded
  2. PhotoshopTrainingChannel

    Photoshop Training Channel Tutorials Thread

    Hope you enjoy this video. Any questions let me know!Thanks!Tutorial Asset Files: Image:
  3. P

    Restoring aging comic book pages

    I have a scan of a comic book (actually multiple books) that the pages have aged so they have a sepia look to them. What's the best way of removing the sepia while restoring the original colors? It's hard because I really don't know what the pristine comic book pages looked like so restoring the...
  4. N

    Photo Touch Up Job - $25

    Description I would like to hire someone to artificially age the appearance of the three smaller people in this image: The goal is to make these three twentysomethings look like they're in their fifties. At the least, this would involve adding wrinkles and streaking the hair with gray (for a...