1. hawkeye

    Alien photo??

    How about some Photoshop detective work? What do you think?
  2. U

    Tiger Alien

    My second composition work.
  3. dv8_fx

    Leonard Nimoy... passed away at age 83

    Sadness in the Star Trek Universe. I've always wanted to meet him as he was my favorite alien back in the 60's. Live long and prosper among the stars, Mr Spock......
  4. V

    Create an Alien Landscape in Photoshop

    The Orion Nebula is so large and so bright that if you were standing on a planet orbiting a star inside it, the nebula would light up the sky, even in daylight. In this Psd tutorial, author Ed Lopez will show what a world in the Orion Nebula might look like.In the process, he will show you how...
  5. V

    Create an Alien Portrait Using Photo Manipulation Techniques

    Our culture depicts aliens in all shapes and sizes – but what would a creature from another planet really look like? Would it be the classic anthropomorphic, almond-eyed beings from the X-Files and countless Hollywood movies, or would it be so different from our own DNA to be totally...
  6. K


    Not too convincing, but this was an April Fool's joke. The picture was taken in Cana Virginia, the alien....well, he was clip art. alien by KatieBunny317, on Flickr
  7. I

    accidental alien

    Hi guys, I've got some experience with ps but still an armature(lol). The other day I was fooling around with a new space background and the check image from facebook (the green check mark with highlights). I was twisting and turning the checkmarks (duplicating them) into a brick-like patters...