1. F


    Does anyone know if there is a Photoshop plugin to create the colorful strand effect Apple has been showing this on their iMac
  2. Pipsmom

    Apple Update

    Apple computers are being attacked by the virus now also and already hit many. Check for your New update and get protected
  3. E

    Sending Client Emails

    Hello! I am a PC user and this question came about the other day when discussing with an Apple user how my email attachments arrives as part of the email and not on the side icons. When I use my Outlook, I select "attach this file" and that creates a bar above the email (where we type the...
  4. C

    Rebound Apple Logo (Golden Ratio).

    Hey Gurus, so I done some research on the Iconic Apple logo and the usage of the golden ratio, here's the article I read.. Seems the theory wasn't used so I decided to do a version where...
  5. D

    Buying a laptop to use photoshop

    Hello, I'm a total newbie here, thankyou in advance for any advice you have. I'm starting to work as an illustrator. So far all my work has been hand drawn and coloured but it is becoming obvious to me that I need to start working digitally. I have an ancient MacBook which isn't capable of...
  6. B

    Future of the Internet

    Let us hope this isn't how it turns out (we're pretty much there already?)Let me know what you think of this image.
  7. Pepperbel

    Apple MAC Text Tutorial

    Ok so here's the gist.....all you need is 12 steps, and this texture: Texture! <---Click Otherwise this was (kind of) requested, so I'm just being your average friendly neighbor. Enjoy.
  8. A

    Apple wwdc invite 2011... Curved wall of images in 3d? How do i do it in photoshop?

    Hey everyone, New to this forum but pretty proficient in photoshop for self-taught. I've figured out everything I've ever needed to do in Photoshop and Illustrator on my own, but this one has me stumped! I'm familiar with warping and the other free transform tools, but can't piece this...
  9. iDad

    Apple OSX It's coming and I can't wait!