1. V

    Remove/replace background from selfie picture

    Hey guys, Can someone please remove and replace the background in the selfie below? I'd like to use it for my job application. Not sure what color would be best (grey perhaps?), but I'm sure you'll figure something out :) Thank you!
  2. P

    Who can fix my application photo?

    Hello everyone, I have a small request for my application photo. Pretty much everything's fine, excpet that I did not realize my tie was way to loose (also, the photographer said nothing, I would have fixed it right away.) So now I am stuck with a picture that I paid for that I don't feel...
  3. E

    HELP!!! PSCS5 doesn't open now that I have a new MAC that runs Sierra

    I was so excited to purchase a new desktop for my family, but the excitement sooned waned when I discovered that I couldn't open Photoshop. I was following another forum and it instructed me to uninstall Photoshop cs5, then reinstall it. So I did that and when I tried to reinstall the app, the...
  4. MoltresRider

    Close Image = Photoshop Crashes (Photoshop CC 2015)

    Every time I click an 'x' to close an open image in Photoshop, I always get a "Photoshop has stopped working." This is not the case on my other Optiplex 780 (I have two), only this one. The Event Viewer Reads: Faulting application name: Photoshop.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x55681d39...
  5. S

    Mobile game UI in Photoshop - Part 1 - Interaction design / document setup

    I'm creating a video series on designing a full game interface for touch screen devices from scratch in photoshop, and I wanted to share it with you guys. If you're into this sort of thing, you'll hopefully find this helpful. This first part is kind of boring (sorry to say) but very important...
  6. mattmorz

    A logo for a Web Map Application

    Well, it's been a long since my last post here. I need some advice regarding with what I'm working right now. I am developing a web mapping application in which it provides an statistics of affected structures based on an occurring flood event. Here's a rough idea I had for the logo of the...
  7. D

    Cannot find a viewer to open .CDR files, wich are files created by Corel Draw

    I have a few users here at my work that use the Corel Draw application to create certain types of Labels, etc. In our engineering department, there are documentation specialists that need to open up some of these files and put the pictures into documents, manuals, etc. as well as grab the part...
  8. S

    Close/Hide/Open Application Frame Icons

    I was forced to reinstall my Photoshop. So there are a few settings I'm trying to get back up. This one in particular is driving me mad because I can not figure it out. Below is my attachment of what I"m looking to 'activate'. In the image you can see the red/yellow/green icons that...
  9. B

    Accidentally deleted Photoshop CS5 application

    Hello All :) I accidentally dragged my Photoshop CS5 program into the trash (I have a mac), and now (even when I drag it out of the trash and onto the desktop) It doesnt open and the program won't run.. The window that opens when I click on the desktop shortcut is "Adobe Photoshop cS5" with...
  10. D

    Application Frame Missing /Not accessible

    HELP!! I want to use the application frame feature to create a triptych but it isn't there. I have CS 5 extended version. Any ideas?
  11. J

    Application components are missing

    When opening an image in Photoshop CS5, I get the message that "Some of the application components are missing from the Application directory. Please reinstall the application." I did reinstall, but still get the message. Thanks for your advice.