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  1. Z

    Photoshop Request

    Hi! Requesting the blue arrow and her left hand/fingers to be removed. Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks <3
  2. J

    Fiji photo in ruins!

    Hey, new to the forum. I have a picture from my trip to Fiji, and there is a lot of things cluttering it up. I have never worked with photoshop before, so I'm hoping that I'm not asking too much, but I would like the following thing removed from the image: The arm on the left side of the...
  3. E

    help wrapping text around kickball?

    Im designing this logo for my summer kickball league team and I want the text and anchor to wrap around the kickball realistically, but i have no idea how to do it. I already tried the spherize function by wrapping the kickball, but it doesn't quite turn out how i want it. any help appreciated!
  4. S

    How to make picture less blury: Was Introduction

    Hi everyone! My name is Sara. I'm 18 and I'm so excited to be a part of this community. Thanks all. I have a question though. How to make this picture a little less...
  5. J

    Neon lights in photoshop

    How do you do this effect in photoshop? The areas circled in black. I havent been able to figure it out. Looks like neon lights to me. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Q

    logo help

    I really need help designing a logo for a small startup business called black cotton, but I've hit a wall and need help with ideas. Anything would be appreciated please. The sketches on the right is the best of come up with too :( .
  7. M

    A complex request (was: A Simple Request)

    Hi, i'd like to ask someone to crop out these two face shots of Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady, as well as the Patriots logo and place them in the "Salt Bae" image, replacing the salt so it would appear that he is sprinkling the faces and the logo instead of the salt. It would be nice if the...
  8. D

    Searching for a particular font

    delete, idk how
  9. D

    How to create these hypnotic patterns?

    Is there any way in Photoshop or possibly Illustrator to recreate the patterns on these spinning discs? I literally have no clue where to start to make these patterns! Any help is VERY appreciated!!
  10. B

    outline effect

    Im not even sure what to call this effect...but my church has asked me to do this as a logo for our church....the example is the purple logo? i also have 2 pics of the church...not sure which one to use for the logo...any help will be appreciated...I'm limited in my ability...
  11. K

    Daytime to Nighttime

    Hi, I managed to superimpose a newly designed building into its surrounding using Pixlr, but now I am struggling to change the scene into a night scene (with lights on the inside of the buildings). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. T

    images resizing

    I am new on this site, I just really need a few images resizing to 1080 by 1080 or less!
  13. P

    Hi! Need a sign and wooden removed from picture

    I'm wondering if anyone would be able to remove the sign and wooden pole from infront of the tank. It would be greatly appreciated!
  14. M

    Can I get some advice for this? TIA!

    Me and my Gf is in long distance relationship, so I decided to do this just for fun, but my knowledge in Photoshop brought me to this result :( can I have any advice for me to improve this project? any help will be highly appreciated. :cheesygrin:
  15. F

    Logo request

    Good morning guys, I'm new here and i need some help on this one : I would like to change the "Giants" on this logo to "Plante". Your help would be reaaaaaally appreciated ! Thank you !
  16. N

    can someone please tidy up this photoshop pic?

    Hi gurus! I'm wondering if anyone can fix up this PS job? The face of the girl in the dress has been photoshopped on but possibly not that well, can anyone help the process along? Not sure if this is something that is easily fixed without starting all over again but any help is appreciated. My...
  17. D

    Being big sucks, have a slight "double chin" to be taken care of

    Hey, I'm new here, and have seen some of the amazing work you people can do. If you could please help me out with my situation in these two photos it would be greatly appreciated. I've hesitated to post them on facebook because I'm slightly embarrassed. Thank you so much for your time and...
  18. K

    3D 3D animation beginner

    What would you recommend I do? I need to be able to create a 3d animated “soldier” that I can save as an animated .gif to place on top of a PowerPoint slide. What programs should I be using? I've tried out Fuse CC and it was great but I can't use the file on PowerPoint. Any advice is greatly...
  19. S

    Help with Xmas photo....

    Hi, Could someone edit this photo to get the light reflection marks out? It's the only picture that I have of both of them in the same place and looking at the camera....not easy with a 1 year old. Your help is appreciated! Thanks!
  20. S

    Christmas blanket help

    Can someone please help make this picture a little better for a blanket for Christmas? I would like the pup to be centered in the picture and the picture to have one solid background/design. All help would be appreciated. Thanks!