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  1. Z

    Whats this effect called ?

    Whats this effect called ? I think its pattern overlay ?? or brush work?? Any tutorial or tips r really appreciated cheers n regards zoe20
  2. A

    Forum Signature Wanted.

    Hi guys I’de like to get a forum signature done up for me. It needs to be 555 pixels by 125 pixels i want to use this image and have my name (Aur0xx) in a cool font to match the assassins creed theme. i want to have a black background. i would like to have a little bit of shape to the...
  3. C

    eSport Logo Concept

    Hey guy's.. Here's an eSport logo concept I designed, all done in Ai not Ps. All comments appreciated.
  4. gedstar

    Head in the Clouds

    Haven't done a photo manipulation in a while so came up with this, not sure if it's finished yet but comments would be most appreciated Images used Final Image
  5. J

    Recreating Effect - tonal photo

    Hello, New to photoshop and looking to recreate images like the one attached. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)
  6. C

    Introducing my self with the members

    Hello all I am here already more than 1 week. But did not post anything yet. But I have got notified that I will be removed if I do not post anything. And I appreciated it. So now I am starting to post and hope I will be helped.
  7. S

    trying to make a phone case have a imagef

    Hi guys I am totally new to PS I am wondering if any one can help me make a image so it looks like this I have no idea what this is called so all help is appreciated thanks :D
  8. J

    super easy photoshop request

    I was just wondering if someone can shop the propellor out of this picture, the black thing in the middle of the window. any help is greatly appreciated :-)
  9. M

    Drawing circle in cc15

    Hi everyone Looking for help with drawing circle like one below in photo shop cc15 Tried to google it but could not really name it properly Your help its very appreciated Regards Bart
  10. P

    Name in logo

    Hi guys.. I want my name to be printed on the logo of accenture in straight lines along the orange many times as it can be written.. any help appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Loosekid187

    How is this done?

    I have been playing around with Photoshop CS6 for a few days now, but i havent found a way to make something look like thie image i have attached. any help or point in the right direction would be muchly appreciated :) sorry if this is a dumb question and is easyly done lol
  12. U

    Skin Edit

    Hey guys! Love this photo, but can someone make my back look more appealing, like smooth the bump out? Any PRO help would be awesome and appreciated!
  13. P

    How do I make heart text images?

    Hi guys, I Know you can write text in customer shapes and through altering text spacing you can get some pretty cool heart's (and other shapes) - but I've seen some that look different and I'm wondering how they are possible? Things like: Any help is appreciated! Thanks.
  14. Z

    Making Banner/Logo look more steam-punk themed?

    Okay, so I'm making a mod for Arma 3: Punk'd, it's a Steampunks vs Cyberpunks mod, but I'm having trouble with the text art for the Steampunk version of the banner/logo. here's what I have so far ideas and whatever are much appreciated. Thanks! :D
  15. D

    Printing Graphics onto T-Shirt

    I am planning to print this attached graphic onto a tshirt on the front pocket area as a logo. When I put this logo onto the template and begin to pull the handles out to increase the size the image and text seems to pixilate and look somewhat poor. Any help keeping the text and graphic sharp...
  16. B

    Filled screen

    Hi, just recently my PSCS and Elements both completly fill the screen with images when I open a folder. The corner handles do not work and the minimise button is missing. This is really annoying as I like to see at least part of the editor screen with a image folder open. any help appreciated.
  17. M

    Trouble opening more than one image

    Hi I have started having an issue when I try to open more than one image in Photoshop cc (2014). I get the following error. If anyone could give any suggestions of how to sort the issue out, it would be much appreciated. I have tried unchecking the Application Frame option, in the window menu...
  18. B

    Company Re-brand

    Hi guys, I've been given an assignment to rebrand a company, I have chosen a Motorsport company named "Speedworks Motorsport" I need to gather feedback for an evaluation Thanks!
  19. R

    Photoshop Scratch Disk?

    I have My scratch disk set to my external 1TB drive, I have noticed that it creates folders typically more than one . They are empty and they don't seem to delete on their own and I was wondering if there is a way to have this done . I will include a screen shot, any advice/input much appreciated.
  20. M

    Need help to blend a photo

    Hello! I am a newbie and confused with these photoes. As you can see, first image is original and the other has been retouched in photoshop, which made it more beautiful. I would love to know the techniques. please tell me what I need to do to get the result like this. If it's okay, please send...