1. J

    How to create "arcs"?

    Hi! I am new to Photoshopping, and I use Photoshop CC at school. I am not artist, so please keep answers simple :) Below is the "arc" colored red that I'd like to create. I don't want to draw it manually because there should be tools to make it for me, also I want it to be outlined only, so no...
  2. J

    how to draw an arc shape?

    I am loosing my mind a bit, not succeeding in figuring out this seemingly simple challenge myself. I want to draw an arc. What I would like is the green parts from the screenshot. (but then of course a perfect curve) It would probably have to be some sort of shape, since I would like to change...
  3. H

    Need help with arc:(

    Hi! I am new to yhis forum and relatively new to Photoshop:) I have a problem:( I have a picture that contains a circle, on the outer edge I want to make an arc, like a container where a name should be, then I want the name to be editable ant thus the arc/container has to be editable to:)...
  4. Paul

    Dodge and Burn tool Issues/Problems

    Just noticed when using the tools if i click to start the painting action using say the dodge tool and i am making a sweeping arc motion and release the click at the end of arc i only get a point to point response, the arc does not compute. Anyone know how to correct this please?
  5. A

    ARC MUSIC'S Latest Cover designs

    These are my latest designs for our latest release out 26th June 2012 via ARC Music. Please feel free to leave any comments on the designs and styles :)