1. gedstar

    3D 3D ish

    As you can probably tell this is my first attempt at PS 3D :bustagut:
  2. S

    Vector Art on Photoshop First attempt and Im Happy with my work...

    This is my First attempt on Vector work in Photoshop I never did this before at any platform..
  3. B

    Gurus help requested

    Hi Gurus.i need an expert advice or a tutorial .As am trying to create a scene using some lamps etc.. The original color of the lamp is lemon yello and i want to change the color to white.I tried Black and white layer style option .But its only showing gray color not the white color.I even tried...
  4. P

    first attempt at a space theme

    well i have tried this one a few times and i still dont like it Lol
  5. chrisdesign

    UFO Sighting over Chicago

    Once more an attempt with the Photoshop 3D tools. Before After
  6. B

    Changing the colour of a train

    Hi All I am reasonably new to photoshop but am wanting to get a lot better! I am quite interested in being able to change the colours/livery of objects in photos most notably trains due to this being one of my main interests. I have an image of a train and I want to edit the livery but keep an...
  7. inkpad.t

    Scouting Party

    Thought i would do a bit more of an attempt at a sci fi scene.
  8. K

    how to provide lighting effect to a subject

    there was a beautiful tut from iamsam and it wasnt completed in any case i really like the effect and want to learn it since that effect can be used in wide range of pics i am going to attempt it on this pic so here is a shot of the car but there is a couple of differences between this pic...
  9. Paul

    Another attempt

    Hope you like her, i do:wink: Critique please.
  10. rcat

    First colourization attempt

    What do you reckon? I don't think the skin tone is too good. And the hair looks a bit .. greenish? Don't know why , it's just a pale brown.
  11. R

    Business Flyer (first attempt)

    see attached flyer, let me know your thoughts and what I can do to improve it
  12. brandon skyy

    SILVER SURFER attempt lol

    I couldnt find an actual tutorial on the silver surfer, so i did what I thought was best just from scratch. Watch the video and let me know what you think, its only about 5 minutes! (high speed) i love making these videos now. NEW FINISHED PRODUCT as of 5/19/11
  13. P

    Greetings, could I have advice please (first web layout attempt, no laughing please)

    Hello, I have been trying to learn photoshop and I'm looking for open minded photoshop users to offer suggestions. I am going to attach a picture of my first attempt at making a web layout with photoshop and I am wondering how I could improve it, I feel hopeless at designing things!:banghead: