1. gedstar

    LinkedIn's skill learning unit hit by hack

    Just in case any members here have a account and are not aware of this More info
  2. S

    Resizing with Content aware in PS 2017

    I have a photo that is approximately 24+ x 18+. I want to print it at 20x24. I'm not sure how to upsize it using content aware to arrive at this size. I've attached my screen shot. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. mikecox

    New Content Aware not working for me.

    I was cropping a Tiff file. I checked "Content aware" box, as well as the "Delete Cropped Pixels" (I tried with the latter checked and unchecked). When I finished my crop I clicked the checkmark to the right of the toolbar, but the empty space in the sky did not fill in. I ended up using...
  4. D

    video editing

    Is it possible to eliminate a logo from an entire (3 second) video with just one move? I can do a marquee tool > edit > fill > content aware for each frame but can it be done by just doing it once and having the logo out for the whole clip?
  5. S

    Content Aware Scale Negative Weight - Feature Removed?

    When using content aware scale, you can select a channel to protect. But this video shows a feature where you can select an area to remove instead. Is this feature present in CS6 somewhere? It looks like a very useful tool, and quite different effect than just a fill. *ignore "feature removed"...
  6. Steve

    Log On Problems with Photoshop Gurus Site

    Some members may have had problems logging in today. We're aware of the problem and hopefully it's been fixed.
  7. gedstar

    Useful Photoshop Tutorials and more

    Just found these Adobe Photoshop Tutorials that may help newbies to the program, I'd imagine many of you here are most likely aware of these, but for those that aren't hopefully it will help them :) And there's also this for all Adobe...
  8. S

    Content Aware Move Tool

    I was using the Content Aware Move Tool while following alongon a video, both I and tutorial where using PS CC. I noticed in the tool barfor the Content Aware Move Tool the tutorial had the “Adaptation” setting thatI did not have on my screen. It is the setting with the drop down box that has...
  9. I

    Removing fishnets

    Hello! I've just joined this website. I'm looking for some assistance. I'm trying to remove red fishnets from a model's image she sent me. I am currently on CS4, so I do not have the content aware fill option that's available on CS5. Any help for a newbie would be greatly appreciated!
  10. R

    Photo Enhancement/ Sky Replacement / $30.00

    Greetings Gurus, I am looking to recruit a guru for some help in fixing up a picture from my vacation -- It was taken in Peru on an overcast day, and is both too cloudy and too grey for my liking. The hope is to manipulate it so that it is formatted the same as other "jumping" pictures I...
  11. SirHale

    Problem with content aware fill.

    Ok, so this is my first post and probably my last depending on whether I get any more problems. I've been using Phototshop CS5 for a while now, mostly to make graphics for a website I'm a part of. Up until today, I've been able to cut things out using the polygonal lasso tool; I've been able to...
  12. I

    Using the content aware fill on video layer

    Hi, guys, I jsut wanna ask you 1 fast question. Is it possible to use the Content Aware ( Fill) to remove objects, but to remove it from the whole video layer? I know its kind a hard to do, because if the layer has 300 images, the object that I want to remove will be in different places on the...