background colour

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    Specific Easy background coloring

    Hello 👋 i would like to colour the blackground of this memoji shot, but struggle to. I will attach an example of how I want it to be. Thanks so much in advance ❤
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    Specific Color photoshop

    Hi hello ! Can you please photoshop the picture so that it looks more professional ? I think the background looks blurred, while it’s not. I would love it to be more vivid !!
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    Specific I Need background to be pure white

    Hi, i would like to have the background white so i can add text next to the photo later, and i want the image of the pharmacist to be brighter and look fresh, with less shadows on the shirt and smoother finish. ive been trying soo hard and i dont know how to do it. any help would be appreciated...
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    Specific Please could I have help changing a background colour?

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me change a background colour for a peice of course work I am presenting :) I would like help altering the background of this image...
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    Match Background Colour which varies

    Please see attached image with question added to image Thorrrr
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    how to create this blue background effect

    hello i cant do this using gradient map. please help thanks. i have played with the channels and gradient map/blending modes. i know ps. i dont know how to do this!! is it an overlay layer? easter sunday the wrong day to ask?
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    Several images with the same background?

    Hi everyone, I'm fairly new in the Photoshop CS6 world and was hoping to get your advice. I'm trying to match the background of three different images to the same color of one sample image. All images are shot on seamless, but the tones vary pretty extensively between the four shots. Is there...
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    colour code for background colour

    Hello, I will like to find out the colour code for the background colour on a particular web address. Unfortunately I am new here so not allowed to post links so will say this as creatively as possible. the address is theregentlagos (with the usual prefix beginning with w and suffix beginning...