1. Betchphoto

    50 High-Resolution Old Paper Backgrounds (for FREE)

    Hello everyone, It's been a long time I wanted to create some free and valuable resources I could share here. I'm happy to share with you guys more than 50+ high-resolution paper backgrounds/textures. You can access them for free on my website here.
  2. starbird

    dropping out backgrounds

    Is there an app that correctly drops out backgrounds of either a specific color or in their entirety? I would love that even more than softening the edges of an image. There is no PS tool that will CORRECTLY drop out what I need. I tried the background eraser but got a message that it could not...
  3. ZeroCool22

    Automatically Remove Backgrounds!

    Adobe developed an AI method that automatically Remove Backgrounds From Images. SOURCE:
  4. B

    Need help making backgrounds

    I want to make some iPhone backgrounds for my phone. I really like how this Chiefs logo has been "printed" on the wood. I was wondering if someone could put these logos on the this wood background like the Chiefs picture. Only if you can slide the logo down towards the bottom more. I don't want...
  5. N

    Cropping an image with a transparent base

    Hi Guys, I am trying to crop a product out of an image and replace the background.Problem is, the product has an acrylic base so it is transparent. How do I do this seamlessly so I can place my product into a number of different backgrounds naturally. I want to keep the acrylic/glassy look...
  6. Paul

    Green screen/Blue screen tricks.

    Is it possible to use say a green screen back drop take images of models then add them to other images with different backgrounds in Photoshop alone, or does it have to be via other Adobe programs? What i am trying to ask is would it be an easier cleaning process of green background over say...
  7. E

    Wedding Edits

    Took a picture of this couple on their wedding day two weeks ago and just came around to editing the images. Quite pleased with myself actually, as I am still learning the ropes of photo editing and retouching. Even altering the backgrounds a bit to put the focal point more on the subject of the...
  8. W

    Where can i get best free backgrounds for Background.

    Hello, I am looking for a website where i can get backgrounds for free. Check the link for backgrounds sample: Looking some thing like this. Please help me. Appreciate your single reply (y) Thanks a lot
  9. gautamz07

    adding backgrounds to images with plain white backgrounds

    Hey guys i'am building a tiny websites , its a image heavy website , so alot of images . now when i made the PSD design of the website , i used images like so : i used images like the above just to give the client an idea , but when he got back to me he said the images i used were pritty ...
  10. N

    Need help find background for advertice my old car.

    I am going to sell my car and I will make good photos of the car. I need backgrounds to put the car in. Hope you understand.
  11. fxchannelhouse


    Hello everyone, i have sorted a few of my latest backgrounds that i have made for some channels at youtube. Hope you guys like it. Dont forget to subscribe for more designs and videos. THANKS FOR WATCHING. Best...
  12. Xeraa

    My Latest logo and background

    hey guys ive been abit inactive recently because of college work and work lol but ive got some new work to show you on the way! this is a cool background i made and im thinking about getting it printed onto a tshirt anyone know of some good tshirt printing websites UK?
  13. A

    cutting out people with hair out of backgrounds

    Hi, Does anyone know of a good technique or tutorial where you can cut people especially ladies with blowing hair out of complex backgrounds cleanly? Thanks
  14. B

    Clear backgrounds making selection black not white

    I am having some trouble clearing out the backgrounds of certain images. I'm taking images and want to quickly delete out any pixels not on the product I'm shooting (make all pixels white). Once I have my selection I go to "Edit" and then "Clear". Instead of making the selection white, it...
  15. R

    Need to blend backgrounds without effecting main images

    Hi, I have an image of one product with a shadow and need to copy the productto the left, blending in the black background, but keeping the shadows under eachproduct. I have tried various different things, but don't seem to be getting very farbeing a novice. You will see the desired...
  16. S

    Removing difficult backgrounds

    Hi all, I'm using Photoshop CS3 to prepare images for a scientific field guide (for print). I need to clip out complex images of corals and place them on a black background. I have tried a few different techniques thus far, but haven't had a lot of luck. Often, the background color is...
  17. T

    Realistic background replacement

    Hi. I was pointed to this forum by a good friend, who suggested that it would be the best place to post here goes! I'm looking for a candidate with excellent background replacing skills. I need several cars transplanted to new backgrounds - sometimes the cars will be standalone...